Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hey Friends!  How was your Thanksgiving?  We had a lovely time celebrating at Matt's boss' home with a few people who are temporarily working in Canberra.  It was fun to meet new people and enjoy a delicious feast with friends.  The girls loved playing games while the adults chatted.
Olli had his first mashed potatoes.  YUM!
Dusty got to celebrate Thanksgiving with her BFF Boomer! I think they are thankful for their friendship :)

I hope you had wonderful Thanksgiving spent with people you love!
Enjoy today!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Workin' at the Bus Wash

Hey Friends!  Last week, Destiny had her very first field trip.  Daddy Matt joined in the fun (lucky him!).  Destiny's class took a little bus ride to the city bus wash in Belconnen.  She loved EVERY second of it!
She got to sit with two of her best buddies from her class. 
The kids all got to yell to wake up the sleeping buses, but they had to be very quiet around the "baby" buses.
They waved to some of the workers.
Matt informed me that the loudest sound he has ever heard came from 75 pre-schools when they drove past McDonalds!  I'll take his word for it!  The school year is winding down for Destiny, in fact, she only has 4 more days of school to attend.  She has loved every second of school and is so excited to move up to kindie.  Lucky for her, she'll be able to complete about 75% of her kindie year here in Oz. 

Enjoy today!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas: Aussie Style

Hey Friends!  Last week, Destiny's school had a Fair.  I had the opportunity to volunteer at the craft stall at the fair.  Matt and the girls had a blast riding on the rides and walking around.  The girls even got balloons!
During my break from the craft stall, Olli and I took a walk over to see Aussie Santa.
I am so happy that Olli was thrilled to take a picture with Santa.
The next day, we decided to decorate the bushes in our yard with Christmas bulbs and garland.
The kids really enjoyed making our backyard ready for Christmas.

We are off on an adventure this week so we will be back Monday with some fun photos.  For all of you in the U.S.  Happy Thanksgiving! 

Enjoy today!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Playing Dress Up

Hey Friends!  Our kiddos get to play dress up on a daily basis.  Matt and I play dress up a handful of times each year.  This is one of my favorite times to raid my closet for a fancy dress and beautify my hair!  Matt looks pretty good with all of his chest candy. heh? 
This year, I went with a white number that I wore 7 years ago.  It's crazy that I still have it in my closet!
Me with the Marine flag, U.S. flag and Australian flag. 
Us at our table.  This will most likely be our last Marine Corps Ball here in Canberra.  We had really enjoyed this event even if it is a "work" event for Matt.
We had a lovely evening spent catching up with friends, meeting new people, and enjoying good food. 

Today is Thanksgiving here in Oz and we are celebrating, but first...I must go for a little turkey trot so I can eat all the pumpkin pie I want this afternoon :)  I'm off to trot before my family wakes! 

Enjoy today!  Be thankful!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hanging at the Hotel

Hey Friends!  Last weekend we were off to the Marine Corps Ball here in Canberra.  Lucky for us, we found a babysitter who was willing to watch the kiddos at a nearby hotel so we could sneak out and tuck the babes in for the night.  {special thanks, Valentina!}  Upon our arrival, the girls jumped in their swimmers straight away!
Olli just chilled with me while I did my hair!
The kiddos enjoyed a movie with two of their friends :) 
The next morning, we spent some time in the pool as a family.
Even Olli had a blast in the not-so-hot tub.
Matt had to leave for work in the morning so the girls and I ordered in some pancakes! 

It's always so much fun to stay in a hotel!
Enjoy today!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Elf on a Shelf

Hey Friends!  Here is a good morning picture of me and my sweet daughters!  We were having fun taking pictures together!  They are so sweet! 
It has started...the elf on the shelf has informed the children that Santa is watching them.  He brings them a gift each day too!  Lucky kids! 

**Someone gave me the idea that "Santa is watching" through our security system in our house.  There are sensors in every room.  The girls are behaving SO good now :)  What a great idea! 

Enjoy today! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Hey Friends!  It's official, I can bring a bit of Australia back home with me to the U.S. when we move.  I can make homemade meatpies!  YUM!  They turned out SO good!  They are like a little meaty piece of heaven :)
The girls have made many stuffed animal friends in their lifetime.  Recently, they have decided that all of their "friends" belong on their beds at night.  That's right...about 15 stuffed animals per girl!
They love it!  haha!

We are off and running on this beautiful Monday morning!

Enjoy today!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Ways of the Wild

Hey Friends!  I am adding on to yesterday's post.  The kiddos enjoyed their time at the beach so much!  They love digging in the sand!
Building sand castles.
They even got their toes a little wet!
Matt decided that it was his job to show his son "the ways of the wild"...he took him exploring!
They sat in the "big boy" chairs together!

The girls did some exploring too!  Addi found a nice place to sit and look at the river.

We are so blessed that these beautiful parks are right in our back yard!  I feel so lucky to have access to all these wonderful places while we live here in Canberra!
Enjoy today!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Feelin' Beachy

Hey Friends!  Ever since our trip to Tasmania/Great Ocean Road/Melbourne got cancelled, the girls have been begging to go to a beach.  Lucky for us...there is a beach right in Canberra's "backyard".  We made a little drive down to Kambah Pools.  The sandy beaches were oh-so-nice!
The family loved exploring along the shore of the river.
The perfect spot for a rest.
Our hike was ever so lovely until my heart rate accelerated.  First we saw many wombat dwellings and then....a snake!
It was time for a bit of a break for this mommy!  The river was lovely and we enjoyed a beautiful spread under the Aussie sun.
Here is one of the wombat homes we found.  Not only did we see many animals, we also saw swimmers, fishermen, and boaters!  What fun!
A beautiful cockatoo, sitting on a rock. 

I'll have more pictures from our beach excursion tomorrow!

Enjoy today!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pool Princess

Hey Friends!  It finally feels a bit like Summer!  The other day, the girls made some really cute crowns!  They love playing that they are part of a royal family - kings, queens, princesses, and so on.  They have so much fun dressing up!
We have our little pool set up for any impromptu swim times that we get during the day!  The girls love their pool and trampoline!  I love this time of year because so much of their energy is used up outside! 

I was just looking at our calendar and there are so many special birthdays/anniversaries/events this month!  We wish everyone a very happy November; even if it's already half over! :)

Enjoy today!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dancing with Dogs

Hey Friends!  Last week we had our favorite friend of Dusty's over for a few days.  Boomer is a delight to have here.  The girls really enjoy playing with him and especially reading him books. 
The girls have a NEW dance studio!  It's very nice! 
Destiny is loving her new dance song too! 

We have a VERY busy day today so I'm off and running!
Enjoy today!