Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Break a leg, Destiny!

Hey Friends! One more sleep until Destiny's very first Dance Recital (here they call it a "concert"). She is so excited to perform in front of an audience with her friends!

Here is the cute tutu she'll be wearing for the dance!

Her and some of her friends dancing.

Destiny on the left, the rest of her class to the right and the two teachers standing behind.

Destiny has been working hard on her number. Here is a video of it. She is mostly near the back or toward the far left side of the shot. She is wearing a light pink leotard and the bright pink tutu with her hair in a bun! Enjoy!

We plan to take a video of the actual performance as well.

Addi decided she likes to "sit with mommy" instead of dance, so she'll be in the audience with Matt and I cheering Destiny on!

I wish you all could be here to see her perform! For now, a video on the blog will have to do.

Enjoy today!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Furry Friend

Good morning, Friends! For the past week or so we have had an extra mouth to feed, extra coat to brush, extra friend to walk. His name is Boomer. He is Dusty's BFF {Best Furry Friend}. He's been hanging out with us while his mom and dad are on vacation.

The girls are so good to him. They even fed him his dinner right on his bed. Some times I catch them reading him stories too.

Dusty enjoys his company, but the other day he crossed the line when he laid on her "bed". I have never seen her get so cranky toward another dog. haha! Now they are back to being best friends!

It's swim day here and we are so excited because Matt won a FREE term of swimming so we get to pick that up today :) I can't wait to see my little Destiny looking cute in her swim cap!

2 more sleeps until Destiny's first dance recital! We should practice, practice, practice!

Enjoy today!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A whole lotta' Thankin' going on!

Hello Friends!

How was your Thanksgiving? Full of thanks? Ours was!

There were turkey cookies :)

Piles o' potatoes!

Pumpkin Pie

and plenty of stuffing!

Creepy bird massages.

and one sprig of rosemary on top! (the equivalent of a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae!)

Our Thanksgiving Day family!

The bird.

The island jam-packed with goodies from all of our guests!

The kid's table (11 kids total)

Baby bundle celebrating her first Thanksgiving!

The adult table. (10 total adults)

It was such a wonderful celebration and our first time ever cooking a turkey so that was an adventure!

By the end of the night, we all kind of looked like zombies! (Destiny took this lovely picture of us!)

I hope you found about a million or more things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! I know I did!

Enjoy today!

Sydney Quick Trip

Hello Friends! How is your long Thanksgiving weekend rounding up? Ours is fantastic! Sunday is here and we are off to a celebration of the Grand Opening of the pool that the girls take swim lessons at. I hear there are going to be flaming hoops of some shall be entertaining!

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Sydney to see a friend from the U.S. who was traveling through.
First stop: Starbucks :)

Of course we saw the Opera House.

We stayed on Cockatoo Island. The only way to the island is by ferry boat. The ferry boat was jam packed with people and we didn't figure out why until we arrived on the island. There was an art show going on.

We spent the night camping in a tent that was already set up for us. It makes camping much more fun to have the camp site all set up!

This was the view from the tent...I love the water and the boats!

Destiny and I on the crowded ferry riding back to Circular Quay to meet up with our friend!

Dinner with our friend, Aaron. He is actually my cousin's brother in law; he was the Best Man at her wedding and I was the Matron of Honor.

The girls and their pizza.

Us with Aaron. It was fun to meet up for a bit. Always good to see a familiar face in the land down under!

Is "Mo"vember a big deal in the U.S.? Cuz it's a huge deal here. There are mustaches EVERYWHERE! Even Luna Park is sporting a mustache these days!

As I mentioned before. There was an art show going on while we stayed on Cockatoo Island. Here are some pictures of the art. It was a unique show because it was a "street art" show. Enjoy the pics!

After a quick walk around the island, we were ready to hit the sleeping bag! The girls cuddled up and went to sleep!

In the morning we got up and explored the island a bit more. It had been used as a shipyard so that was interesting for Matt.

There was not a cockatoo to be seen on the island, however, there were other angry birds. The seagulls were very aggressive. So aggressive that they had to have signage posted all over warning people of how aggressive they were.

The view of the Harbour Bridge from the island.

Art Humor?

The art was displayed in old Shipyard buildings. It was absolutely unique and wonderful!

This could possibly be me and my cousin Lili when we are grannies :)

Lunch that day was at the Opera House...dealing with more seagulls trying to steal our fries!

Then a stroll through Sydney's Botanic Gardens. They were simply beautiful!



Bats...BIG bats.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse at our quick trip to Sydney!

Enjoy today!