Monday, July 26, 2010

Adventures with Destiny!!!

Destiny has been a busy little lady lately! There is so much going on around here for kids her age. Between library, play group, vbs, the pool, manis and pedis, and time spent with friends and family Destiny is constantly on the go!

I was eating dove chocolates the other day, the kind with the quotes in them, and came across a quote that I think sums up Miss Destiny.

"Dance to music, even if it is only in your head."

I just smile when I read the quote! Destiny is my little fire cracker! She is constantly on the go and ready for action! She dances, even if the music is only in her head, she sings about ANYTHING!

Her cute phrases lately are, "I'm lady bug girl." "I have SUPER powers." "I can do ANYTHING!" I love it and she is so cute when she says them. She even attended one Vacation Bible School class wearing her lady bug girl costume! What a hoot!

So here is a picture for a few weeks ago of the girlies wearing out fits from our friends in Washington. Aren't they the cutest?!?!

Here is Destiny (front and far right) at her Vacation Bible school program. She didn't hang out on stage for long!
Here is Destiny and her friend Kaya!
Grandma took us all to see a play! Destiny really enjoyed all the dancing and singing!
Addi liked it too, though she would rather walk all over the theater at this point!
This week, I have been helping out in the craft room at Vacation Bible School. It has been so much fun getting to know some other ladies and kids in Williston.
Here is Destiny on the first night! Oh What fun! (She is supposed to be sleeping right now, but I just heard her yell, "BLASTOFF"! haha!)
Matt is in town now so we are busy, busy. I will be missing from the blog world for about a week as we are preparing to leave on a family vacation. First stop: Medora,ND then onto Spearfish, SD, Denver, CO, Wheatland, WY and back up! It should be a great time!
Have a great week and we'll see you next week with some pics from our vacation!
Enjoy today!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's all about ME!

Hey Everybody!

This post is gonna be ALL about me! I know I usually post things about the family and where we are at and what we are up to, but today I have accomplished something that I am VERY proud of and I want to share it with all of you!

I am so excited to say that a few days ago I got called in to work at Curves again! It was a short, but very fun shift! I love the ladies there! Here are a couple of pics of work!

As many of you know, in recent years I have been on a little weight loss journey. I have now lost a total of 75+ pounds. I started out on this journey a year after Destiny was born. Looking back at the "food" journal I started (and didn't finish) some of my goals seem just silly to me now. One goal that cracks me up is to ONLY eat fast food one time per week. Today, I really have no idea when the last time I ate fast food was. My view of eating and exercising has done a complete flip! I love eating organic, local, home grown/made whenever possible. I also find time to exercise at least once per day if not more.
I have some before and after pics. In one I am wearing some sports gear, I don't usually run around in just a sports bra, but it was post work out. (this is just a warning so it doesn't take any of you off guard). I am excited about the new "muscles" I have! It's fun to be in shape and feel good! So here are a few pics!

Now here are the BEFORE pics:
This is me at my heaviest ( I know it's not fair cuz I'm pregnant with Destiny, but that truly was the heaviest!)
Here I am 3 months along with Addi.
Here's another heavy picture.
So many people tell me that they didn't think I had that much weight to lose, but believe me, I DID! I feel so much better now too!
Today was my last day of insanity workouts. I have been doing them for about 80 days. My workouts have been one of my predictable, reliable things in my ever changing life right now. With moving between 3 different houses and taking a couple of trips in the middle of the 80 days, I remained faithful to the program and saw results. I am so excited to share the trailer for the workout with you. I feel very accomplished and proud.
Tomorrow I'll be back at ya with a regular post about the family!
Here's the trailer:
Enjoy today!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Boom Chica Boom Boom

OIL BOOM that is! So, I found a couple of videos of my HOME town. This is where I will be spending the next few months. There is an oil boom going on here right now so unlike the rest of the county Williston is thriving. There is lots of money and lots of people! Tons of new houses being built.

These videos are kinda shaky and VERY much home-made, but they depict the town pretty well. People are living in motels, trailer houses on lots that haven't been used since the 80's, and even "mancamps".

My soon-to-be brother-in-law works for the oil field. I am no expert but I thought I would share these two videos!

Enjoy today!

Strawberry Shortcake in Paradise

Bekki's Bridal shower was a BLAST! We started out the day with 2 cute little girls in cute little dresses! Here are my sweeties:

My BFF (literally, we have been friends since we were VERY young) Andrea popped over for a quick visit in the morning. It was so great to be able to spend some time with her as she was in town to celebrate her Grandpa's birthday.
Here is the entrance to PARADISE!!! ...aka...Bekki's Bridal shower!

Here is the venue for the Bridal shower. We held the shower at Cyndy Aafedt's home in Williston, ND. She has such a nice back yard! It is like walking in to a whole new world!
Here is the guest book table.
The flower I made for mom's hair and my grandmother in the back ground.
The favors!
The PERFECT punch!
Strawberry shortcake in PARADISE!
Bekki by the water fall.
The gifts.
My mom's friend, Judy, helped me with all the preparations for the shower and even gave an encouraging speech! ** A special thanks to all the ladies who made cakes to contribute to the shower! You are all WONDERFUL!
Here is a super cute BLUE apron that Bekki received as a gift! Later in the evening she walked the runway in this same apron! I didn't get many pics of the gift opening because I was doing my Matron of Honor duties and writing all the gifts down for Bekki.
Bekki in front of one of the fire features.
The other fire pit.
After many of the guests left, Bekki and I went swimming! The water was so warm and inviting!
Bekki and her friend Toby in the water!
My goal in this post was to make you feel like you were a part of this shower. I hope it worked! We had so much fun and Bekki was showered with so many nice gifts. One thing I said while she was opening her gifts is that I NEED another bridal shower...after 5 years many of my kitchen utensils have disappeared! haha! So if you feel the need to shower the Matron of Honor go for it! Just kidding!
I'll be back again soon with some more pictures of the girlies! Matt hops on Amtrak today and will be reunited with me and the girls tomorrow evening! We are looking forward to seeing him again!
Enjoy today!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Forecast : showers

Bridal showers that is! Along with my mother and a few of her friends, I am hosting a Bridal shower for my sister Bekki today! She will be marrying Brady on August 21st. The house has been buzzing with "wedding" ever since I arrived in North Dakota. After 5 years of married bliss I have nearly forgotten how excited and wonderful it is to plan a wedding. I am having so much fun helping with whatever I can. I am excited to be the matron of honor and can't wait to see all the fun gifts that Bekki gets showered with today!

I found a few more pics of the girls b-day party and thought I would share them with you today!
The girlies pre-party in their tutus!

cupcake time
forget the fork!!!
A pretty bracelet that Destiny got as a gift from Vicki!
A special elephant gift for Addi from Auntie Lili.
both one picture! AMAZING!!! now if only the deer wasn't a part of the pic! oh well! such is life!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the pics. I best be off to prep for the shower. More pictures to come on that!!!
Enjoy today!

Monday, July 19, 2010

What could possibly be better than...

time spent with family, 2 bands, a jam session, 320 lb. pig roast, my favorite macaroni salad, dancing, hula hoops, perfect weather, and a special game? ...NOTHING!

We had a great day spent in Towner, ND. Just for the people who have no idea where that is or why we went there. Towner is near the geographical center of North America (Rugby, ND). My dad grew up on a farm close by there. My Aunt Lila and Uncle Fudd throw a HUGE party there every year and they call it : Fuddstock or Fuddfest or Lilapalooza or too many other names to write! So, here is how I spent my Sunday!

Deja Vu is a band that both my Uncle Fudd and Cousin Rex are in. They were great!

Here is the family walking to the festivities! Destiny was wearing her tutu from Auntie Lili for the festivities!
Destiny held Pa's hand.
A rare picture of me...usually I'm behind the camera.
A special game created for my Auntie Lois.
Destiny's favorite spot during the day...the swings!Some one sportin' a hat made out of mike's hard lemonade boxes.
Destiny and Miss Kaylee playing in my cousin Robin's camper.

Auntie Ora starting off the dancing.
Great music!

Destiny and the girlies she had so much fun playing with Kaylee and Kaydence...and of course her Great Auntie O and cousin Robin!
Pool time!

My cousin MaryAnn sang a song honoring God on the beautiful Sunday.
The 320 lb. pig...
Addi loved the watermelon!
Bekki and Addi dancing!

We had a great time in Towner! It was so much fun getting together with friends and family. It makes me look forward to Bekki's wedding even more! I can't wait to see everyone for that event too!

Well, I'm off to bed. Busy day tomorrow too!

Enjoy today!