Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas: A little late :)

Merry Christmas, again! We received some special Christmas gifts a week or so ago from my Auntie Dianne and Uncle Jesse in Washington state. What a special surprise :)
The girls were excited to open the gifts!
Both of the girls LOVED their books. Destiny is really into rhymes right now so Llama Llama red Pajama is right up her alley.
Miss Addi is caught singing 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed multiple times each day!
It's Sunday here, my car is broke down so hopefully we can get a mechanic to come to our house to take a peek at it. Matt has exhausted his expertise on the matter so it looks like we'll have to drop out a load of cash on it! Bummer!
Enjoy today!

dolly picnic

Hello friends! Happy Saturday here. I haven't dared look outside yet in fear of rain. It's been raining so much for the past couple days. We even hosted a bbq in the rain last night. :( I was hoping for sunny skies and the meal enjoyed outside, but it was lovely company so that made up for the sad weather!
Inspired by our Teddy Bear Picnic a couple of weeks ago, the girls put together a Dolly Picnic at home for lunch. They enjoyed it so much!
Today we are off to see Angelina Ballerina live and the girls are so very excited! They can't wait to get their tutus on and watch the show. I see much dancing in my future!
For now, Enjoy today!

Farewell to the Summer Concert Series

Hey friends! Can you pick out the kangaroo in this picture...I'll give you a hint: she's not wearing a blue and green dress! :)
On our walk to the Eucalyptus Lawn at the National Botanic Garden we saw this lovely roo!
There was lovely saxophone music and dancing!
Of course there was a lovely picnic complete with a lollipop from mommy's purse!
and more dancing! The girls sure got brave by the last concert of the year. They would both run up to the "dance floor" and dance the evening away. Stopping by our picnic spot only to grab a quick bite to eat or drink of water.
This is one of my favorite things about the Aussie Summer. I am sad to say that Summer is quickly coming to an end and I am seeing more and more children dressed in school uniforms each day. That also means that Destiny will be starting school very soon. Please say a little prayer for us as we make this transition in our lives :)
Enjoy today!

this n that

Hey Friends :) I'm 15 weeks and rolling right along. Finally passed on my morning sickness supplies to a friend who may have a bit more morning sickness than I did. {lucky me...not so lucky her}. I am still feeling really well and enjoying having a smallish belly that does not wiggle around too much when I exercise. Baby is kicking and dancing around in there so that is the best feeling ever! I love knowing that baby is enjoying his/her time in mommy's belly! It's hard to believe that 15 weeks have passed. I am looking forward to our ultrasound in a couple of weeks!
Destiny wanted her photo taken that day too! Here she is, my beautiful 4 year old :)
I had a fun kitchen adventure the other day. I made buns for the first time ever; I even made up the recipe myself and they turned out splendid!
I have enjoyed them with my tomatoes from the garden. So yummy!
Since this is a shortish post, I am going to end with a entry from my gratitude journal:
Today I am thankful for family near and far. I am especially thankful for how they show their love no matter how far away they are. (I wrote this on a particularly great mail day! Multiple packages from multiple friends and family!)
Enjoy today! {It's errand day over here! It shall be busy and good!}

It's Aliiiiiive!

"Snakes Alive", that is. "Snakes Alive" is an event that was put on by the National Botanic Gardens. The girls and I joined in on the fun even though they both claim to be afraid of snakes. The top picture is a lizard called a goanna.
Addi by a very large lizard that is not alive {thank goodness!}
The snakes were mostly enjoying a snooze as we viewed them. Destiny took the opportunity to touch one snake while I was looking the other way. Too bad I didn't get a snap shot of that!
Cuddly snakes!
What are your thoughts on snakes? I am happy with them in cages :) Running into one in the wild was a bit scary because we all know that the majority of Aussie snakes are very poisonous.
Enjoy today!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pool Party

Look who's ready to Par-tay!!!! Dusty got all dressed up for the festive occasion. Too bad she snoozed in the bedroom while we partied it up outside in the pools with all the kiddos!
Addi is all ready to party too!
We had many mums and bubs over for a pool party last Tuesday. The weather was nice and we even got to celebrate one of our friend's birthdays!
Addi was the life guard in the baby pool.
Destiny partying it up with the big pool :)
Time for cake!
What a crazy and wild time! It was so much fun!
We host play group today too, I think this time around we will head over to the park nearby if the kiddos would like to!
For now, Enjoy today!

Hey Goodlookin' Whatcha got cookin'?

Hey Friends! Let's talk about a yummy and simple meal! We have tomatoes growing like crazy in our garden right now so I wanted to make some BLTA's. However, I really really don't like bacon. haha! It's pretty hard to make a BLTA without one of the main ingredients. So, I found the next best thing...Vegetarian Bacon! It was so good!
heirloom tomatoes from our garden. The green ones were the BEST!
Rock melon
Avocado...it made a simply delicious meal!
Afterwards, it was playtime with daddy Matt!
We have a rainy, blecky day here today...it's perfect day for making a soup. I have just the recipe in my Bobby Flay Mesa cookbook :)
Enjoy today!

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Happy Australia Day from our family to yours! This is a picture of the girls at the Australia Day festivities at Lake Burley Griffin.
Baby had to have it's picture taken too! {baby's first Australia Day!}
Fireman Sam is a tv show the girls watch once in a while here. They were excited to see him live on stage.

We shared tiny pancakes as a treat and then headed off to the National Museum of Australia to ring in the Chinese New Year :)
That's the tallest Chinese woman I've ever seen *wink wink!
We got there in time to see a special dragon dance. It was spectacular!

In honor of the activities, we ate some yummy noodles :)
Addi loved them, but Destiny opted for the sausage sizzle going on outside!
We ended the day by sharing a double scoop ice cream cone! What a special Australia Day!
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!
Oi! Oi! Oi!
Enjoy today!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Do

It was the time that nearly every mom dreads...I never thought I would be ready for it, but when Destiny's hair started looking more like a lion's mane every day, I knew it was time. Time to take out those shiny silver scissors and have their first hair cut!
We took before pictures. :)
For about a week before the hair cut, everywhere we went the girls thought they were going to get their hair cut. They would make up songs and chants about getting their hair cut in the car!
You can see the excitement on Addi's face. She hopped right up in the chair and wanted to go first!
She LOVED her hair cut and still talks about! The girls play "beauty shop" too!
Destiny was pretty excited too. She kept requested that her hair be cut "long". haha!
Happy about her new hairdo! It was so nice to have my friend come to my house and cut our hair. It made for a comfortable atmosphere and the girls could run around as my hair processed and I rinsed it in the shower! Plus, Katie is a great gal to talk to so we had a wonderful morning :) I am lucky to have friends like her here in Oz!
All of us with our pretty new dos!
Enjoy today!