Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From This to That

This is what we were doing a little over a week ago. Swimming...outside...in the sunshine
Now, we look a little more like this. Good news: we have used our super cute umbrellas! Bad news: it has rained for 7 days straight.
Bring on the sunshine!
Enjoy today!

A Spot of Tea

Hey Friends! It's raining, it's pouring...this is getting BORING! I'm so ready to be back outside and for the sun to come out again.
Here is a pic of me, celebrating 18 weeks of pregnancy. My belly is getting bigger! It was hard to find a dress to wear (too big for my regular dresses...too small for maternity! ugh!) I am still feeling really well and enjoying being pregnant. Still running (although it's tougher to be motivated when it is raining outside). Enjoying every kick from baby!
A few of my friends here came along with me to a beautiful High Tea at an art centre in another suburb in Canberra. It was a delightful place and we enjoyed some "lady" time.
It was fun to get out and about with some friends and explore a new-to-me area. We were in an older part of Canberra that truly has older style architecture and the charm of the era in which it was built.
Here is the Benedict House; where we celebrated High Tea. Simply lovely.
Enjoy today!

Fun at the Fair

The Royal Canberra Show (the fair) was in town last weekend. It's only a short drive from our home so we had to take advantage of it. Plus, the girls watch as they set the fair up and beg me to go there every day.
Dest and Addi enjoyed going on 4 rides each :) I can't believe Addi could ride on the rides this year. Last year she sat in her stroller and watched.

I love looking around at the show. I love all of the signage. The kangaroos and cockatoos on the different vendor booths. My favorite was seeing a sign for "Spanish donuts"...yes! Churros! They were delicious too!
The girls enjoyed some ice cream with their friend.
Then we visited all the baby animals.

At the show, they sell "show bags". Addi rolled with a Dora show bag stuffed with all sorts of fun stuff and Destiny got a "Fairies" show bag with wings and a tutu!
All in all the fair was fabulous! We would love to take you there next year...come visit :)
Today is a special day: I get to see baby boy on the ultrasound machine! It's my 20 week appointment!
Enjoy today!

Babychino Date

Hey Friends! How have you been? I've been a little MIA this week, life has really gotten busy with all of our fun activities! On top of being busy, it's been rainy and blah outside this week. So today is the day that I am catching up on blogging :)

Last week, the girls and I went on a special date to the coffee club. The girls ordered babychinos and I let them each pick something out of the pastry cabinet. Addi went for a chocolate eclair (and ate the chocolate off the top) and Destiny ordered caramel slice and ate about a quarter of it. So, I bet you can guess who ate two yummy pastries that morning. BINGO! It was me...I'm eating for two...remember?!
It was such a special date and the girls loved getting out and about. After coffee, we met up with some friends at library story time.
Next on the agenda was DANCE! Addi decided to join in the dance group again. She stayed active in the class for about 40 minutes. She did EVERYTHING! Too bad she is too young for this class.
Destiny has been working on her splits. Her teacher even complimented her the other day! Go Destiny!
We really love all of our activities and I am slowly sorting out how to juggle everything because I know as the kids get older we are only going to get busier.
To end this blog, I want to share with you three reasons why I love my husband :)
1. He does the dishes every night. I hate doing the dishes so I am so happy that he does them after our evening meal!
2. He made me laugh the biggest belly laugh last night. We were looking up baby boy names when he decided he liked the name Feo. Side note: we were looking up Spanish baby boy names to "match" Sanchez. So, once he decided he liked Feo, I looked up the meaning...OH BOY...BIG LAUGH! Needless to say, we will not be naming baby boy "Feo". (P.S. Big belly laughs make baby wiggle!)
3. He brought me beautiful flowers yesterday with a special note because he took my car keys to work with him so I had to bike Destiny to school in the rain.
8 years with this guy haven't been so bad ;)
Enjoy today!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just me and My girls!

Hey Friends! I'm getting closer and closer to half way there (I'm 18 weeks, but measuring at 19 weeks)! We have our BIG ultrasound next week. Hopefully we'll get to see all of baby's organs and make sure everything is looking great! Destiny and Addi love giving snuggles to my belly (they also love tickling the baby, but that's a whole other story!)
18 weeks have really flown by, but things are progressing nicely. I am happy to still be running, using my spin bike almost daily, and weight lifting! This is a WAY different pregnancy than my other two. It's so strange how I can have three babies and each pregnancy can be so different. I feel very good, active, and healthy; but I crave carbs all day.
Other fun pregnancy news: Matt felt baby kick for the first time last night! Destiny did too!
Destiny picked out a special dress that was given to her by our friend, Mike, who was stationed in Afghanistan. This dress is from there.
It was a special Sunday at church for us. Face Painting and a Bouncy Castle AND Balloon Animals! WOW!

Today, we are off to the fair that is in town! It's called the Royal Canberra Show! We are really looking forward to going on a few rides (they have great kiddie rides that the girls can go on themselves!) and going to the petting zoo! The sun is shining so it shall be a fantastic day!
Enjoy today!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Love Birds :)

Hey Friends! It was difficult to think of an appropriate title for this post, mostly because it is a hodge podge of recent pictures. Most of the pictures involve Valentine's Day and birds that we saw while we were picnicking after Destiny's second day of school at a nearby park. I guess, "Love Birds" is as appropriate as it gets :)
Here's a beauty! I had never seen one with this coloring before. Most the time they are red, bright green, blue, etc. These ones just kind of blended in with the grass.

The cockatoo munching on a snack! Although most of you know that I am not a big fan of birds, I have come to appreciate the birds and their beautiful colors here!
On Valentine's day, we had a special knock on the door! The flower delivery man came to my house!
Beautiful roses and Lilies! They are making my kitchen smell wonderful as we speak, and the lilies have opened so beautifully!
We have gotten through another week of school and I am really getting my timing down. I guess the most difficult thing for me is all the "meal planning" that goes into it. I have also had to rearrange Addi's nap time a bit to work with the schedule. All is going well and Destiny truly is enjoying school. She has learned 2 new songs and taught them to me and Addi! Yesterday she came home with pink cheeks so that tells me that she played outside a bit too! (she just needs to remember that sun screen!)
It's swimming lessons today and we are looking forward to it!
Enjoy today!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho It's off to School we GO!

Last Monday was Destiny's first day of school! She was so excited to go. She packed a very special morning tea or kiwi fruit and yogurt and we were off!
She is holding up one of her favorite books, "Teach us, Amelia Bedelia." She wanted to bring it to school to show her teacher.
The girls are ready to rock and roll in the bike! I really enjoy the 5 minute ride to school and back home! Great way to add a little exercise into my day!
Sitting and waiting for the classroom doors to open.
Her things were all sorted into the proper compartments :) She even remembered where her special hand towel is!
Playing with dough!
Coloring in and writing her name!
She came home to an extra special treat that mommy and Addi had made for her: Cupcakes!
What a special day!
We are off to school again today! There are rain clouds in the sky so I hope we don't get rained while I ride my bike!
Enjoy today!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Music to my Ears {at science time}

Hey Friends! There is nothing that I love more than hearing the clanging and banging of multiple instruments played by multiple kids all at the same time, in one room, with no way to escape! {haha!} Last week, we attended Science Time at Questacon, the science center here. The lesson was ALL about music and it was very fun! The girls had a blast learning about sound and instruments.
They especially enjoyed playing different kinds of instruments!

I always feel so blessed to live in such a wonderful place that has great learning programs for children!
Speaking of learning, today is a school day so I better get going to ensure that Destiny makes it to school on time :)
Enjoy today!
**If you missed my last post, it's a good one. Check it out!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Boy or Girl?

Hey Friends! Today is the day that we are announcing the gender of baby! Watch and learn:

Enjoy today!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hearts and Flowers

Hey Friends! We are still celebrating a bit of Valentine's day over here! We have had fun gifts to open from some really special people! Have I mentioned that we LOVE getting mail? {for any occasion} We so appreciate all the love and special thoughts/gifts that people send us from the U.S. It all makes us feel like "home" really isn't that far away!
The girls especially loved getting Valentine's day cards in the mail. Here in Oz, the kids don't exchange valentines at school and you rarely see valentines decorations at any store. The holiday is still celebrated, but mostly as a holiday meant for people who have a significant other and want to express their love with dinner and flowers.
Nonetheless, we had a fabulous valentine's day! How was yours? I hope you were able to take a moment and love and appreciate the special people in your life!
It's finally Friday over here! The end to one of the busiest weeks yet. Getting into the schedule of school/dance/swim/science class/and other various activities has been a challenge, but we are looking forward to seeing all of the benefits of these activities! This momma is ready for a relaxing weekend!
FYI: You don't wanna miss my next post. Some VERY IMPORTANT baby information just might be in it! Just giving you a heads up (or shall I say head down! haha! Baby humor!)!
Enjoy today!