Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's time to celebrate!

Good morning!

Yesterday was so rainy and gray outside. It reminded me of the gray skies of Washington State. After living there for 6 years it started to feel like home. A small part of me misses those gray skies.

I don't have too much to write about today. We celebrated 2 lovely ladies yesterday and I'll describe how we celebrated each of them below!

First, we went to visit my Great Aunt Ramona's friend Jeanette in the nursing home here. She is such a lovely lady, through the years she's become "like family"! She is such a smart and wonderful lady. Last winter the doctors found that she has Alzheimer's. She is still a smart and wonderful lady, but she doesn't remember me. She sure enjoyed visiting with my mom and watching the girls run around and play though. It was a special way to spend a rainy day. I hope to make it back to visit her a few more times before I leave.
We also celebrated Miss Jordi Flo! It was her birthday party yesterday! She turned three. She is my cousin's daughter and lives in Washington state. Her and Destiny are BEST FRIENDS! They sent us a box of goodies from the party and we celebrated via pictures sent through email!

Here is Destiny with the box.

Drinking her "tea" out of the cup from Jordi!
Addi with the balloon from Jordi.
The girls really loved feeling included. Destiny kept saying, "I go there, now."
I guess this is how we will have to celebrate parties for the next three years! The Internet is a wonderful tool and I hope to use it to it's full extent while we are in Australia.
Before I start my day I want to share another Australian slang word with you all.
Business - bizzo example: mind your own bizzo! I like that one!!
Enjoy today! I'm off to eat my brekkie! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mosquito = mozzie


Looking through my Australian slang dictionary, I found that they have a slang word for mosquito. It looks like I won't be escaping the mosquitoes with my move down under! ugh! Now I'll just be calling them "mozzies" instead.

Today we have a rainy North Dakota day! Perfect for cooking up some yummy veggie soup (which I'm doing, as I type it is simmering away) not so perfect for the farmer's market this morning (which I went to and only 3 people had their goods set out. boo hoo!)

Here is a pic of my lovely Destiny! She's says, "helloooooo" (imagine a silly voice here!)

Below, Addi is trying out her new bench from Auntie Bep!
Here is a good shot of DustyRose. Her kennel training is going really well. She especially loves the little treats she gets for going in (i.e. bacon, lil' smokies, ground turkey) She now goes in, sits, lays down (with a lot of prompting) and I close the door for a bit and give her a treat! I also have her food bowl shoved way in the back of it, so in order to eat she has to walk in the kennel and have her meal! I hope she gets used to it and ends up feeling "at home" in it! I found out we have to take another trip to the vet tomorrow. This time it's only for a flea and tic prevention treatment.
Below the pictures of the flowers I have written some "deep" thoughts that I've been thinking lately. It's great to be able to put the pen to the paper (more like the fingers to the keyboard) and write my thoughts down about our transfer to Australia.
Yesterday I was looking at the bouquets from the wedding and a thought occurred to me. The flowers are held so tightly together that they do not have the room the need to grow. They are one smushed mess! If separated, the roses would bloom so big and beautifully. I feel like I can relate this to my life. Right now, I am surrounded by so many family and friends. Maybe when I am out on my "own", in Australia, separated from the people I know and love, I will have the room to GROW into who I am supposed to be.

I hope no one takes this the wrong way. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many people and I fully intend on keeping contact and a tight bond between me and my family and friends. However, I am going to take this opportunity of being outside of MY bouquet to GROW and BLOOM!
Now, I'm off to relax a bit prior to taking a class at the gym!
Enjoy today!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday - Funday

Happy Sunday! Here are a couple of videos that I found entertaining this morning.

Australian Slang of the day: Arvo - afternoon.

I'm off to have a great arvo! ha!

Enjoy today!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hello Civilization, it's been way too long!

Evening, everyone! Hope your weekend is going very well! I traveled to civilization today! By civilization, I mean a town with a MALL! woo-hoo! I was in need of a major shopping trip! Off we went to Minot, North Dakota with two kids, a Grandma and a Great Grandma in tow! What a fun day!

It was so great to see some familiar stores at the mall! Oh how I have missed Target and Starbucks. A little piece of me felt like I was back in Washington while I was sipping my drink from Starbucks!

I found some great buys. A couple decorations for our new house in Australia. Some heels for my upcoming trip to Vegas! I haven't mentioned it with all of the wedding commotion, but I am headed to Vegas to celebrate my BIG 27 BIRTHDAY! I haven't started an official countdown, but you'll be the first to know when I do! haha!

Here's a few pics from the last couple of days:

Addi playing at the park, she thought the rocks were candy!

Addi at the mall, stuffing her face! She is the best eater in the world! She sat like this for about 5 minutes. No hands, just sandwich in mouth!

The girlies were good at the mall so they got a car ride, which turned out being a waste of money. It was broken. boo! However, the girls enjoyed it even without the movement!
Here's a random oil rig we passed on the way home.
That's all I have for you today! I am off to tuck the sweeties in to bed!
Australian slang word of the day: Brekkie = breakfast
Enjoy today!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Reader Participation Required


This morning I have a lot on my mind. I would love some advice from all of you! As I was walking Dusty, a thought occurred to me that I haven't thought of in this whole "moving to Australia" process. The thought went something like this, "at this point in my life, I have the opportunity to be any one I want to be because I am moving to a place where no one has any pre-assumptions of who or what I should be." In general, I feel as if I am my true self most of the time, however, this is an opportunity to really let my true self shine because I feel like I have nothing or no one holding me back. Here is my question to you:

Would you take the opportunity of not knowing any one and no one having expectations of you as a time to become a NEW you or change yourself in some way?

I hope this question is coming out correctly. I feel like I can word it better in my head, but when I type it just isn't coming across as it does in my head.

Please write your answer in the comment section (at the bottom of this page) or leave me a message about it on facebook. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Here is the second thing I have been thinking about a lot lately: My first grocery shopping list in Australia.

We were not able to pack many of our consumable goods, so we are basically starting from scratch. I have made a little shopping list, but would love some help from you guys. Here is my second question for you today:

What is one thing you ALWAYS have in your pantry?

For me, I always keep oatmeal around...I use it in breakfast cookies, monster cookies and just to eat for breakfast! It's hearty, filling, and so good!

So, those are my BIG questions...now on to the daily haps...

We had a little get together at Super Great Auntie Mona's yesterday afternoon. We spent some time visiting with Mona, my Grandma, my Great Aunt Merilyn, and my 2nd cousin Christina. It's so fun to be surrounded by family!
Super Great Auntie Merilyn builds a road with Destiny and races her cars on it!

That's right folks! Dusty in her Kennel! woot-woot!!! or should I say Woof-woof!!! haha! I crack myself up! She does really well in there...you can tell she does not like it, but I think it will grow on her!

This morning I took Dusty for a walk; there was a cat in our front yard when we left...we looked a little bit like the above picture! ugh! haha!
The Australian word of the day:
Bloke = man or guy
Try using that one in a sentence today!
Enjoy today!
Remember, please leave your advice in the comments section below or as a message to me on facebook! thanks :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Good morning!!

The vet appointment went really well yesterday. Dusty had to have blood drawn for about 6 different tests = a lot of blood outta my poor doggy girl! She did really well and I was able to ask the vet a few questions. The vet told me that we should start kennel training Dusty right away. So, this morning I ran to Wally world and bought Dusty a kennel, nothing fancy, just your average HUGE kennel! I also bought some lil' smokies to treat her as we train her to enter and stay in her kennel.

For the girlies, the kennel was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! They were thinking it is a new play house for them.

Addi sitting in the kennel with her ball!
Destiny loves being locked in the kennel! I'm thinking the kennel would be a good babysitter?!?! haha! JUST KIDDING! Destiny thinks Dusty needs to come in with her...Dusty has other plans!
Test number 1...Dusty walked right in her kennel, sat down, and ate her lil' smokies like it was nothing! We'll try again in a little bit, but so far things are going VERY well!
This process is going to long and difficult. Dusty is about 8 years old and is pretty set in her ways. I have so many concerns over her travel and quarantine upon entering Australia. I hope and pray it does not stress her out too much. The vet assured me that she will return to being the wonderful dog that she has always been when her quarantine is done. Her quarantine will be at least 30 days long and over 3 hours away from where we live. They do have visitation hours but they are Tuesday and Thursday from 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. Matt is hoping to make it to visit her a couple of times. The girls and I will still be state side so we won't be able to visit her. If you think of it, send up some prayers for our doggy girl!
Matt is enjoying a day at the Pentagon meeting some of the people he will working closely with as he is in Australia. It will be great for him to have a face to put with a name.
The girls and I are off to do some visiting and pick up some new books at the library! It's supposed to be a hot one here, so mom set up the pool in the back yard! Hopefully we can do a little swimming!
I have 2 words for you today!
Hello = G'day
Goodbye = Hooroo
Try to say those today! I have already said them a couple of times. :) Brownie points for me!!
Enjoy today! Hooroo!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flaming Dessert...need I say more?

Hello everyone!
I hope your day has started out as wonderfully as mine has. I decided to do something about this left-over-wedding-cake gut I have acquired. I woke up at 5 and went to Indoor Cycling. To my surprise my little sister was teaching the class for the first time ever! She did great and I got a really nice workout in. I came home, ran the dog, cooked up some veggie chili, got the girls up and ready, put away a few wedding things, and now here I sit. I always feel much more productive after a good workout in the morning!

To catch everyone up after this whirl-wind week, Matt is back in Washington, D.C. He is currently attending classes in which he is learning how to be a diplomat and what the diplomatic lifestyle involves. Upon sitting in his first class, he realized that this class is not only for the service man (or woman) but also for their spouse. Unfortunately we were not informed that I was supposed to be attending as well. Though I feel I am where I should be and need to be at this time, I am also feeling a bit left out and lost. Yesterday, Matt learned how to dress as a diplomat. They had an expert come in and evaluate his outfit and tell him what he needed to change. They also did this for the wives. I would have LOVED to be there, but such is life. I really hope Matt takes good notes for me so I can learn the diplomatic ways! I hear that future topics are how to throw a diplomatic party and other types of entertaining. I have heard that Australia is a bit more laid back than most countries so I am not too worried about having to throw parties for high-up-there people. Matt also had the opportunity to meet his new boss in this class. Matt describes him as a friendly, older, civilian man. Matt is looking forward to working with him.

To give every one an idea of what a diplomat is (what we will be as we work for the U.S. embassy) I have included the wikipedia definition:


"A diplomat is a person appointed by a state to conduct diplomacy with another state or international organization. The main functions of diplomats revolve around the representation and protection of the interests and nationals of the sending state, as well as the promotion of information and friendly relations."

I am going to start including an Australian slang term in my blog. This will help me learn some of the slang as I am preparing to move over there. Here is the first word:

Billy - teapot. Container for boiling water.

I'm going to try to use this word today...see if you can use it in a sentence sometime today too!

On to news in North Dakota!!!
Our bridesmaid bouquets are beautifully decorating mom's kitchen window!
Last night, my mom, me and the girls took a trip 20 miles out of town to my mom's cousin's bed and breakfast. We were there to celebrate the 80th birthday of a woman who is VERY special to me.
My lovely Grandma Ilene! She is such a wonderful woman! I was blessed to be there to celebrate with her! I wish her many more happy years! I love you, Grandma! (isn't she beautiful?!?!?!)
The celebrated with a "flaming dessert"! Bananas, rum, brown sugar, cinnamon, and ice cream! Yum!
Destiny was wearing her "born to read" shirt from Great Auntie Merilyn! She loved snacking on some ice cream!
They have a beautiful home in a fantastic location! We really enjoyed our evening spent out in the quiet North Dakota grasslands!
Next on the to-do is a trip to the vet to get Dusty's last blood work done...this means she is within 30 days of leaving for Australia! I hope this trip to the vet goes well! Wish me luck!
Enjoy today!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wedding Slide Show

Hey everyone!

I am a genius! I just figured out how to post a TON of pictures on here without it being obnoxious. I turned the rehearsal dinner photos and the wedding photos into slide shows. Unfortunately I don't get to write comments under the photos, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right?!?! I hope you enjoy!

The wedding was such a wonderful day. My family enjoyed every second of it. I loved helping my sister and my girls were so cute as the flower girls!

We were so blessed by the attendance of so much of our family and many, many friends. I would have loved to have deep conversations with you all, but found myself spread very thin as I was the bride's helper and my daughter's mommy that night. Lucky for me, Matt was in town for the wedding, so there are a few pictures of him thrown in the mix too! I hope you enjoy the slide show. Tomorrow I am excited to start posting about Australia again.

Now, I'm going to get back to eating the left-over wedding cake...I think I have consumed at least 10 lbs of it in the last couple of days! haha!

Enjoy today!

Rehearsal Slide Show

Hey everyone!!! I hope you enjoyed the slideshow from the rehearsal and dinner. There were a lot of fun pictures including ones of the portions of the wedding I decorated, one of me and my cousin lili and a lot of the little girlies and their cousins! It was so much fun setting up for the wedding!

Enjoy today!

Monday, August 23, 2010

So much as happened in the last 4 days that I am kind of at a loss of where to begin. I would love to just jump right in with the pictures of the wedding, but due to a slow computer and picture download this morning I am going to post some pictures of pre-wedding adventures that me and the girls enjoyed!

On a trip to the park, Destiny found a butterfly. It was fascinating to learn about the butterfly's body parts!
Super Great Auntie Merilyn reads destiny a story at Mona's house. She is here on her vacation from Las Vegas.
Super Great Auntie Mona and the girls.
The girls at Great Auntie Mona's house.

Destiny coloring herself with chalk. Destiny and Jordi know how to make a MESS! They had some time in the tubby together after this :)

Jordi flo with blue chalk all over her!

A special cake for a special birthday boy...my dad's birthday was the day before the wedding.

Destiny, Kaylle, Jordi and Miss Emmie the dog!

A great movie (Eat, Pray, Love) with even better company (my cousin Lili and friend from high school, Megan)

I crashed Brady's bachelor party!

Jordi, Addi and Destiny have matching shirts :)

Destiny and my cousin's daughter Kaylee
I'll post more pictures tomorrow...I'm thinking pictures of the rehearsal dinner and set up!
Enjoy today!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Going to the Chapel...

Hey everyone!

Only 2 days until the BIG DAY is here!!! With all the hustle and bustle of wedding stuff for my sister, I am reminded of my wedding which took place on March 19, 2005. 5 year ago!!! It's so hard to believe that it was that long ago. I wanted to share a few photos from my special day...in a couple of days I will post some photos from my sister's special day!

It's fun to walk down memory lane...I am so thankful for my husband and I have so many wonderful memories of our wedding!
Enjoy today!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hey everyone!!!

This is going to be kind of a random blog with mix-n-match pictures that I have taken the last couple of days. Countdown to the wedding : 4 days until the BIG day!!! Things are getting pretty crazy!!!

I love when the girls play with little phones (even Addi has started putting the phone to her ear and having "conversations") Destiny talks about all sorts of stuff on the phone! It's so fun to listen to her!
Here is the first "person" destiny has ever drawn. I asked her what it was and she said, "it's a people". I am always interested in their development and I know this people drawing stage won't last very long. I'm so happy I captured it with my camera. (if you think you are just looking at a blog, let me explain...the middle circle with scribbles is the head...hair coming off the top of that and below are the arms and legs!) I think she's a genius! haha!
Addi and Grandma Sue reading books!
Sorry for the blur, but this is Addi riding in the buggy that I decorated for Bekki's wedding. I was pretty happy with how it turned out.
Destiny in her flower girl get up! She was practicing throwing petals around last night!
Addi eating her chocolate banana pudding...I made homemade pudding today...wow...that was easy! Never going to buy it in the store again! Yum!
Addi always wants to drink some water at Great Auntie Mona's house...I think she likes drinking it out of the honey bear!!! haha!

Where in the world is Matt?
You guessed it...as I type he is exploring Washington, D.C. It sounds incredible...I wish I was there to share in his experience. He is doing well and begins his classes there tomorrow!

Here is a video of some sailors from the Seawolf. This was taken before Matt was on board the Seawolf, but I saw it and thought it was cute! Enjoy today!