Monday, February 28, 2011

A little giggle

Hello friends!

I thought you all might be up for a little giggle. Below is a picture of the sign above a shop in one of the malls here. The sign displays the shop's name. It makes me giggle every time I pass it. Rumor has it that this mall is closing so I had to get in there and take a picture of the shop before it closes. I hope it makes you giggle a bit too!

Yesterday we went to Paint n' Play at a new park in our area. The girls had a blast (as always). There was painting, play dough, gluing, coloring, dress ups, rice and so much more!

Destiny is our little dare devil...she rides down the slide face first.
Aussie word o' the day: Slippery dip = slide
I have heard moms use the term over and over and it's officially going into my Aussie word dictionary!
We are off to another paint n' play today; crossing our fingers that the rain holds off!
Enjoy today!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

There is just something Royal about it

Hello Friends and Fam! How is everyone doing?

Today is the day...the royal day that I get to write about our royal adventure to the ROYAL CANBERRA SHOW...aka...the big fair!

Step right up to the greatest fair on Earth!

Rides Galore
Animals by the dozens

Free face painting (Destiny as a princess)
Addi Cat
Horse showing
A cockatoo
Riding in the BIGGEST Ferris Wheel we have EVER seen!
***We have been watching them put the rides up for a couple of weeks. Every day we drove past, Destiny and I would talk about the Ferris Wheel. Inevitably, Destiny started calling the whole fair by the name of "Ferris Wheel" i.e. "Are we going to the Ferris Wheel today?" Anyways, it turns out the Ferris Wheel costs 30 dollars for a family of 4. Did we ride it...yes...only because we had been talking about it for weeks! Was it worth 30 dollars...I'll just say this...Destiny and Addi LOVED it!

Stopped on the could see EVERYTHING!
The 30 dollars was a "family DISCOUNT!"
Destiny got to go on her very first rides.
A police 4 wheeler.
Bouncy Cars
Tea cups
Boring BoatsMatt trying on a fancy hat
An older woman wearing a "fancy hat"...yes, it is a chicken in a nest...yes, I took a picture!
Woolies display of fruits and veg. They gave away little carry bags, a pear, children's aprons and a little cooler bag.
We found out that Aussies play with their interesting.
We also found out they sell "different" food than in the States.
Dagwood Dogs = Corn dog or Crusty pup
Fairy Floss = Cotton Candy
Waffles = hard rolled waffles (think waffle cone) with cream squirted inside them
Chips = fries
We tried an egg and bacon roll that was SO yum! White bun, fried egg, and fried bacon.
Milkshakes are super runny (practically just milk) but tasty!
We also had organic donuts! That's my kind of health food :)
Hot waffles are also quite popular served with ice cream or whipped cream and other fruity toppings.
Notice the Tea or Coffee! Even if it is 90 degrees outside, people will order hot tea here! There is just nothing quite like afternoon tea!

So that was our day at the fair! We had a BLAST!
Enjoy today!

I have a little taco in me

Hola! Como Esta?

When I was pregnant with Addi I met a nice woman who had a little baby girl. This little girl had the prettiest complexion; she was tan as a baby. I told her mom that I loved the color of her skin and the mom said, "yeah, she has a little taco in her". That meant the baby was of Hispanic descent. Through my pregnancy I would tell people that "I had a little taco in ME" because I had Addi in my belly. Matt's father's family was originally from Spain so our girls are a bit Hispanic. People to this day, ask about Addi's skin color and I tell them that she has a little taco in her. It has become a saying that I like to use A LOT! haha! Anyways, I felt a little taco-ish this weekend so I decided to make tortillas from scratch. Easy right? YES!

Whole meal flour

mixed with butter and boiling water...a little salt too.

My Spanish husband and his mammoth grill.
and wa-la! Beautiful tortillas. Ok, so they are not perfectly round, but they tasted heavenly!
What's a tortilla without fish, lettuce, tomato, onion, black beans, green peppers, lemon and avocado ranch sauce?
My adventure of tortilla making just got EVEN better! I loved our fish tacos...I ate joke!
The next day we had a Mexican party to attend so we turned the left over tortillas into tortilla chips! They were extraordinary!
This is Addi at church. First she ate 5 pieces of watermelon so the childcare workers had to come get me for a change of clothes (watermelon is so juicy!). Then I put her in a new dress and she didn't want me to leave. So we went to a smaller room away from the other kids and she found a big chocolate roll! It all went in her mouth at once, leaving skid marks along her cheeks as it entered! **notice the piggy tails! so cute!

Tomorrow I'll be back at you with pictures from the fair! Make a memory today!
Enjoy it!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chugga Chugga to Washington

Hi Folks!

Here comes the tail end of our journey to the States. We left the winter wonderland of North Dakota and headed toward a gray area...called Seattle!

Destiny and my mom walking along the train tracks waiting for the train to arrive.
Addi playing in our sleeping car.
The girls LOVE the sleeping car because they can be noisy and move around. It works out great at night too because we have beds to lay our pretty little heads on and sleep.
When we arrived in Seattle we walked from the train station to our hotel (that was no small task with our luggage). As soon as we got into the room, Destiny jumped into the bed for a rest. We stayed at the Westin, a hotel I have ALWAYS wanted to stay at!

The view from our hotel room! Looks a bit like "home"! We had the perfect view of Macy's, Nordstrom and Westlake! Yessssssssss!
Lili and I at Kell's Irish Pub in Post Alley Seattle.

The boys! Matt, Aaron and Nick
The next day we had a little get together with family and my cousin Lili's house. This picture is of Jordy being a "bunny rabbit in a cage" while Addi looks in at her. (It's amazing how she can fold up to fit inside a laundry basket!)
My cousin Frank, his wife Barrett and their sweet baby girl Korah came for a visit from Port Townsend.
My Auntie O and her two grandsons Pierce and Soren! They are getting so BIG and so much FUN!
My Auntie Dianne in her "house car". Auntie Dianne broke her ankle and has been in a wheel chair for a while now. Jordy calls her wheel chair "the house car"!
Me, Auntie Ora and Matt
Lili reading to the girlies.
Jordi and Destiny with Goodbye hugs.
Me and Lili with early morning goodbye hugs! So sad! BFF!
After we left my cousin's house we had to make one more stop. My favorite bakery in Kitsap County! Monicas!!!! Destiny had a valentine cookie.

Matt had a yummy cupcake!
After the bakery we headed off to Seatac and began our journey back to Oz!
It's great to be back in Oz but I sure do miss North Dakota and Washington.
As for the here and now: We are off to the fair today! I'm really looking forward to it. Destiny has been watching them put all the rides together (when we drive by) and she is getting excited too! Yesterday we went to a movie at the theatre...our first movie in Oz. It was a movie time set aside for mums and bubs. They keep the lights on and don't have the volume up quite as loud and it's cheaper (11 dollars per ticket...5 and under are free)! It was spectacular! The girls loved Gnomeo and Juliet (I did too!)
I'm off to get the girlies ready for the fair!
Enjoy today!