Sunday, May 29, 2011

Goodbyes and Steaks

Hey Friends!

Last week we found ourselves eating another goodbye meal at the Kingston Inn. We love going there because you order a slab of steak and grill it yourself on a grill in the middle of the restaurant. It has a blue collar atmosphere that we just can't get enough of!

Every meal is served with salad bar and a bread roll that the girls LOVE!

Last time we ate there we said goodbye to another Navy family and this time around we said goodbye to Matt's office mate, Jaime and his family. This included our sweet babysitter, Jacky! We sure will miss her! Destiny still thinks she's on "vacation".

The girls loved hanging out with Jacky and she was the best babysitter!

The girls will miss playing with Nicky and Ryan at work functions too!

As many of you have read in my blog before, Margaret, Jamie's wife, has brain cancer and she is headed back to the states to receive treatment. They have become part of our Aussie family and we truly miss them! The offie won't be the same without Jaime!

We are looking forward to meeting Jaime's replacement and making new friends!

The girls and I are off to the science center today and then we may take a walk around the lake!

Sounds like a lovely day to me! (Can ya tell, I'm feeling better? Hooray!)

Enjoy today!

A New Fave

Hello Hello!

How are you doing today? I'm just getting over my cold. It's been nearly a week since I started getting symptoms! I am happy to be on the tail end of it!

I have to tell you about one of my new favorite snacks:

Beetroot chips. They are delicious, but at nearly 4 dollars for a small bag that I can devour in 2 minutes, they will have to be an occasional snack for me!

The girls have discovered a new favorite of theirs too:

Lollipops play land and cafe.

They had fun in the ball pits and jumping around in the bouncy houses!

Destiny climbed up SO high and went down some really steep slides.

Of course, the tea cup ride was a favorite of Destiny's too!

We had a blast at Lollipops with our play group friends! This, too, will have to be an occasional stop as it cost us over 20 dollars for a little over an hour and a half of play time. yikes!

Do you have any thing that is a new favorite? I love hearing what people like and trying out new things!

Enjoy today!

Stikkie Bikkie

Hey hey! Happy Memorial Day in the States! I hope you are all taking a moment to remember and thank the people who have served and are currently serving in our great military! A special thanks to my Grandpas and my husband!

I'm still not feeling great here! I wish i could just get over it! It's been the longest cold that I have had in a years.

To cheer me up, the other night Matt brought home these bad boys for me to try:

Vanilla Slice and Carrot Cake.

I was not able to tag along to the farmer's market this week. My great husband went on his own. I didn't get a picture of all our goodies, but I did take a pic of Destiny eating a stikkie bikkie; one of our new fave things from the market!

I had to get a picture of my personal shopper, Matt, eating his stikkie bikkie too!

They are SO good!

Since I am feeling a bit better today, I think we'll head out to the park or maybe the library so the girls can have an outing this morning!

Enjoy today!

Choo Choo

Howdy! How was your weekend? Ours wrapped up fairly nicely. Happy Memorial Day (a day early). Guess who's working today? You got it! Matt is. It was supposed to be a 4 day weekend for him, but it ended up being a BUSY 2 day weekend.

I have been hidden behind a box of tissues most of the weekend. I've been sick! I never get sick! It started with no voice and now it's just constant nose blowing. I am not much of a drug taker, so I am doing things pretty naturally. A good friend told me about Manuka honey so I have started taking that and have been using my essential oils and the neti pot. Sounds like a blast, huh?

This is what I missed out on:

Destiny and Matt had a daddy daughter date to a birthday party (Matt went in my place)! Destiny LOVED every minute of the party. She had fun picking out the gift (all by herself) She insisted on trains (because her friend LOVES trains, tim tams (because they are her favorite), and gummy teeth (because she's a little bit weird...she takes after her dad!) All that wrapped up in some Elmo paper, 2 bows and we were good to go!

She brought home the best party favors! A little car, a book about trains for herself and one for Addi too, and I can't forget coloring crayons, and my favorite {sarcasm} a train whistle! (funny story about things like whistles and noise makers in general...if Destiny has one and I'm ignoring her when she is trying to tell me something (for the millionth time) she will blow the noise maker repeatedly until I answer...not only will she blow it repeatedly, but she will continue to move closer to me with every blow.)

The birthday party was held at a mini railway station. Destiny loved riding on the train, she has been talking about her time at her friend's birthday all day. Here some of the kiddos are looking out for a train. Destiny is in the brown coat; she insisted on wearing a dress because it was a PARTY!

They had a great time while Addi and I hung out at home.

This week is another busy one, but not as crazy as last week. I should be around on a more consistant basis {don't hold your breath though! ha!}

Enjoy today! It's dance class Monday and you know I can't get enough of that cuteness :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Perfect Marriage

Hey all of you fun people! You look beautiful today! I wish I could really see you!

How was your night last night? I have to tell you a bit about mine. I went to a movie with my girl friends. We saw Water for Elephants and I loved it. I haven't read the book so I can't compare it to the book, but the film is really wonderful. After the movie, we found ourselves at a chocolate shop (surprise, surprise!). It was a great night. I am so thankful for my friends and I am excited about getting to know all the new ladies that I have met recently! What a fun group!

I am practically jumping off this seat because I am so excited to tell you about the fantastic day I am having. It's nearly noon...and I'm still in sweats! haha! This morning started off with a run and then a quick trip to the store (of course the lady in front of me had 2 trolley (cart) loads and there was only one check out open, but it was sure nice to shop in a grocery store that was NOT busy!!!) After the store, we popped off to the bakery to reward the girls for being so good...I bought them a finger bun to share. In their usual fashion, they licked off the frosting and told me that they do not like the bread part. (What's not to like, it's white, sugary, and oh so yummy!)

After the store, a friend came over to do some birthday bash's going to be epic. I'll let ya all in on a little secret...I'm the proud new owner of a large bouncy house and trampoline! yippee!

After planning, the girlies got dressed and we headed off to the very first story time at the brand new library in Gungahlin (our main hub where we do our shopping, Harrison has no shops but Gungahlin is right down the road)
It's a beautiful library. So new. So modern. So large. It's a really great place.

I have some silly news. Destiny has her very first crush and it's on the librarian pictured with the book above. Every time we see him outside of story time, she giggles and gets bashful. Since the old library shut down a few weeks ago and this is our first time in the new library, Destiny hadn't seen him in a while. Today it nearly took her breath away to see him again. She gasped and smiled so big I thought she would burst with happiness.

This library story time is nothing like the ones I attended in the states. Sure, there are books, songs, art projects, and silly little skits by the librarians. However, the group is huge. I couldn't even count how many people were there. I would say at least 75 moms, dads, and kids! HUGE!

I'm gonna let you in on a little can't tell anybody...are you ready?

I stopped at the bakery AGAIN after story time. Yep. 2 times today. I was jealous of the girl's finger bun this morning so I needed to go get a little bit of yumminess for myself. I tried something new. I got the girls their standard cheesy rolls (they would eat them for every meal if I let them!) and I got myself a cheesymite roll. Cheese + Vegemite = the Perfect Marriage. It was incredible. I couldn't shove it in my mouth fast enough!

I think I need a big dose of fruit and veg and I'll be just set for the rest of my busy day!

Enjoy today!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Laying Low

Hey Gang!

How's your day going? The past couple days we have been laying low. I haven't taken many pictures so I'm bringing back some oldies but goodies. Enjoy!

Look at my babies :)

Destiny's first funny face! (fyi. I just took that outfit out of storage because Addi fits into it now! yikes!)

Dusty dog!

Happy Baby.

It's fun to go back in time, isn't it?!?!?

Our family is back to feeling well so we will be back at ya with some fun family outing posts soon!

Enjoy today!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A bump in the night.

Hey everybody.

Excuse me if I sound sleep deprived. I am. I heard a bump in the sounded more like a cry. This cry was unusual. It was an Addi cry because she was not feeling well. The poor girly slept in our room last night. No worries, though, she is doing fine today! We are laying low and taking it easy today.

After my facebook post about planking...we all tried it out. Destiny's practically a pro. If you are unsure of what planking is, google it!

Per usual, I have to share my farmer's market finds: carrots, chocolate croissants (that were devoured within second after this photo was taken), Japanese pears, kiwi fruit, broccoli, mixed lettuce, mandarins, cherry tomatoes, bagels, fresh pasta (Gorgonzola, leek ravioli), and parsnips. Looks good, eh? At the market, we tried a sticky bikkie...Matt must have had a worried look on his face when he ordered it, because the gal selling it said, "You gotta try something new once in a while, if you keep that worried look on your face I won't sell it to you." ha!

Monday is dance day! Leaps over the pom poms.

Super cute tutus..I just can't help myself!


Addi joining in.

I made blueberry muffins in anticipation of hosting play group at my house today, since Addi is not feeling well, I will enjoy the muffins all to myself :)

Enjoy today!

New Personal Chefs

Hello Folks!

I have hired two new personal chefs. They are beginners, but their food is oh-so yummy!

Destiny and Addi attended cooking class at the Kid's Pantry in Canberra last Friday.

They rolled out the dough.

Schmeared on the sauce.

Flung some toppings on.

And made a beautiful pizza pie!

While the pizza baked, they got to feed some chooks...aka...chickens.

Addi didn't want to get too close.

But Destiny was happy to hop right in the cage with them! I even caught her trying to pet one!

We collected the egg (only one!)

Then headed back in to enjoy their creation!

What a great day!

We really had a nice weekend! We got yard work done (now are yard is presentable can come visit *wink wink...nudge nudge*)

Then I had a special night out with the gals for a military spouse event...BUNCO NIGHT! I even won a fantastic lotion, thanks to my even steven friend!

Cleaned the house and now it's Monday...time to get on with our busy week!

Enjoy today!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The whole Sha-Bang!

Hi ya'll!!! Happy Week to you! Here's what's happened this week! TGIF!

Fresh Chili Lime Pasta from the Market...Brussels Sprouts and Carrots steamed to perfection = one glorious meal!

My first time making scones for hosting play group on Tuesday. Turned out delish!

Painting before bath time. We do all of our painting projects in the bathroom so we can go straight into the tub! Yes, they paint in their undies :)

Addi painted the tub!

Smiley Destiny eating one of her favorite meals...scrambled eggs

How I have looked most of the week...I have two furry shadows. (picture taken by dest)

Paint n' Play at the park. Destiny on the slide.

Addi's turn...funny to see them with beanies on! It's SO cold!

Swinging time!

Yesterday we played at Questacon, the science center, for a bit before heading over to an Aussie/American Play group Pot luck! It was fun and delicious! We had potato bake, pavlova, snickerdoodles, pumpkin pie, baklava, damper was amazing!

Destiny at Questacon.

Last night Matt and I went on a date :) He ordered steak!

I wore dangly earrings...a rare thing in my life.

Then we went to the top of a hill and looked at the city. It was a cloudy night so we couldn't see the stars, but it was beautiful!


We are off to cooking class!!! woo-hoo! Pics to come on that soon!

Enjoy today!

p.s. I just heard destiny run through the house yelling "jackalope"! She is her father's daughter!