Thursday, September 30, 2010

G-day Mate!

I hope your day is as sunny and beautiful as mine! Fall is sure showing it's face around here! I have been stuck at home all day waiting for an important package from FedEx. Well, I have been checking the tracking number and it comes up with no information, so I finally called FedEx and asked what the deal was. They said the package hasn't even been shipped yet. I am sitting here, waiting for nothing! haha!

It has been so great speaking with Matt these past couple of days. Though the hours are a little rough, 5 A.M. and 3 P.M. (I prefer the 3 o'clock call :) it is just so great to hear his voice! He was able to call the vet yesterday and find out how our Dusty dog is doing.

Dusty to doing GREAT! They said she is "shy" and has put on a bit of weight (she cannot be exercised for 2 weeks), but that means she is EATING! I was so worried that she would not eat well when she was there. I'll keep you posted on how she is doing. We pray for her here (lots!) It breaks my heart to have Destiny say, "I want to call Dusty" or "I want to call Daddy". She mostly wants to call daddy when he would be sleeping! Thank you to all of those who have kept Dusty in your thoughts and prayers!
Here's the Town Centre (shopping) near our home. Matt says all the stores in the centre close at about 5 o'clock except the BIG W and Woolworth's. BIG W closes at 6. It's going to be a change of pace for us, but I welcome that change. An evening with just family time sounds like a dream come true!

Matt also found out that not many places have WiFi, in fact, the only place near us that has it is McDonalds! He says he'll be hitting up Mickey's for a bite and some free internet time!
Other exciting news::: I'll be ^HERE ^ in 15 days! Can you guess where ^here^ is?!?!?
I will be celebrating my 27th birthday! woo-hoo! I'm so excited!

In North Dakota, we are embracing the last warm days of the year by going to all the play grounds in the area and taking many walks!

Destiny is doing more and more each time we go to the park. She's a brave little soul!

Addi's new thing: she stickers her hands in her shirt every time I try to take it off and makes it so I can't get it off. I finally have to break down and tickle her in order to get it over her head!
Today we went to check on the water town (the big blue ball is what Destiny affectionately calls it). The trees around the ball are turning and it was a beautiful day to go out and about (once I found out my package was not arriving today!)

Destiny got up the courage to touch the big blue ball and tried knocking on the door to see if any one was home :)

Destiny loves to push Addi in the stroller, but I always feel like passers-by give me funny looks like I'm enforcing child-labor or that I'm just plain lazy! haha!

I gotta run and tuck the girlies in for their naps. Sorry for the quick one today!
Aussie word o' the day: Prezzy = present, gift
Each day is a prezzy!
Something for you to look up: The recipe for fairy bread (just thinking about it bring a smile to my face!)
Enjoy today!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Secret AAA--gent Matt!

Good morning, my fabulous blog readers!

I hope your day has started off as great as mine! I had the chance to attend a spin class that my sister taught at 6 AM. Gotta love those early morning workouts!

Matt had another busy day at work. He shared with me how secure their buildings are. I don't even think they'll let me in (haha)! For one building he enters, he has to do a retina scan! Sounds very secret agent-ish to me! The other morning as he was getting ready to go to work, someone jiggled our home door handle. Matt opened the door to see who it was and it was an embassy security guard. He thought the property was still vacant so he was checking to be sure it was still locked. Matt says he feels VERY safe!

Last night, Matt was able to find a BIG W (like Walmart) near our home and he bought a phone card and some kind of phone that makes him sound like he's talking on a walkie talkie when he calls me.

At the grocery store, Matt had to use cash instead of his debit card and that got me thinking. I don't know what Australian money looks like. So I found some pictures of it online. It's so colorful and pretty!
The bills start at $5. The smaller amounts consist of coins. They are even pretty! I have always thought the U.S. should add a little color to their money!

I have a new song that gets stuck in my head. It's just a feel good song that makes me want to dance! I wanted to share it with you all! Here is the video for the song...GET UP AND DANCE!

Aussie word of the day: Porky = lie or untruth (pork pie = lie)
I'm off to a busy day...gotta give my little girlies their bath and get them ready for library story time! I work this afternoon at Curves! Today should be a great one! I hope yours is great as well!
Enjoy today!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So no one told you life was gonna be this way *clap clap clap clap*

Good morning!

Do you recognize the title to this post? It's the first line of the friends theme song. Today I want to visit with you about "friends", no, not the television show, but real life friends. I have been so blessed with wonderful friends, many of those friends also happen to be family members, which is even better! Through our moving process I had been so tied up with the hustle and bustle of moving and raising two little girls that I hadn't stopped to think about my friendships and how they will be affected by this move until I read this quote: "It's really amazing when 2 strangers become the best of friends, but it's really sad when the best of friends become 2 strangers." - Raphnie

This quote really hit home. I have felt some people distancing themselves from me, and I have distanced myself from some. I think it is how we cope with such a big move and change in our lives. The thought of losing friends or losing touch with friends through this moving process never occurred to me. I know that seems a bit naive, but I think sometimes I like to live in fairy tale land where people stay friends forever!

I would love to hear your thoughts about losing friendships when you make a big change in your life.
You can write them in the comments section at the end of the blog or message me on facebook.
Questions to think about:
Have you ever made a BIG change in your life and lost friends over it?
How did you cope?
Do you have any advice on this topic?

I love to hear from you!!!

Below are some cute quotes and pictures that give me the warm fuzzies about friendships!
This makes me think of my Dusty dog! Dogs make great friends, I can just be friends with all the dogs in Australia! haha!
"Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they are always there." - unknown
This picture reminds me of me and my cousin Lili!
"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words." -unknown
Chances are, if you are reading this, you are not one of the people who are distancing themselves from our family. :)
I am so looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends in Australia, but I can't help but think about how short term our stay there will be. I tend to either have the mentality of "make friends fast so you can spend the most amount of time with them while you are there" or "don't make friends at all because you are just going to have to say good-bye". I hope I end up making many friends fast and having great friends while I am in Australia!
An Appropriate Aussie word of the day: Mate = friend
G'day mates!
Enjoy today!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Call ya in the morning to say goodnight!


The title of this post is the story of my life right now. The hours between here and Australia are quite different and we are experiencing that fact! It is a HUGE blessing to be able to speak with on another on a daily basis and I would not give that up for anything. We have gone through 3 years of only having daily communication when Matt's submarine was in port, but I do miss being with my husband and being able to call him whenever I please.

Matt is settling in nicely and learning a few things about our new house. I have a couple of funny stories of Matt "getting to know" our house.

1. The furnace was set to decrease in temp. in the middle of the night. It decreased to 4 degrees Celsius! Matt woke up FREEZING and had to figure out a way to change the setting in the middle of the night.

2. There was no hot water when he first arrived. He has to go outside and unplug and then plug in again some type of water heater.

3. Our dryer vents to the inside of the house...after doing laundry Matt discovered a big puddle in the middle of the steamy laundry room. We have to keep the door open when we are drying or use the outdoor clothes line.

Those are just a few examples of the adventures with the new house. It's pretty fun to have a new place! Matt is currently at his first day of work! I will be visiting with him in the morning (which is evening or night there). I can't wait to hear how everything went!

In the U.S. today, things have been busy for me and the girlies! We went out to eat for lunch, followed by a fun trip to the pet store to look at the pooches! We are missing Dusty terribly!

The tiny puppy used a bigger, fluffier puppy as a chair!
Destiny loved the kitties. Watch out daddy, we might show up to Australia with one. (Matt doesn't like cats)
Addi loved reaching in a touching the puppies, but as soon as one would touch her she would quickly take her hand out of the cage.
Me and the girls by the birds! Destiny looking at the birds and Addi looking at a bunny.
Destiny in an outfit that I wore as a little girl. If I can find the picture of me in it, I will post it later. This is an outfit that my mom purchased for me while she was visiting Seattle.
Addi wearing a fancy dress. Destiny wore this dress on her first birthday!
Sweet girl.
The girls helped us pick tomatoes today...Can you tell? They didn't quite understand that the green ones need to stay out in the sunshine longer!
The big helper, Addi.
I received the cutest and funniest gift I have gotten in a long time :) My friend Andrea took a trip to Austria this Summer and I kept telling her that if you add a couple more letters she would be coming to see me in Australia! She found this in Austria and sent it my way! I will treasure it, Andrea :)
This afternoon I put some peaches to good use! I baked my very first peach cobbler. YUM!
My first piece of it...shortly to be followed by 2 more pieces. It's simply delightful!

Matt was telling me that he has enjoyed watching some tele in Australia. He says he gets a couple of channels with American shows on them, but he was most interested in the Australian shows. He said he watched Australian "COPS". I found this video of funny 911 calls and thought I'd share it with you!

Aussie word of the day : Rapt = pleased, delighted.

Try that one out today!

Enjoy today!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Happy Sunday!

Finally, I can say the magic words!!! Matt is in Canberra, Australia! He called me for a short chat last night. He has been to our house! (Pictured below)

He says he thinks I am going to like it! They furnished it for us very nicely (according to Matt). He said the tub is big! (imagine candle lit baths with a good book before bed each night!) BUT he said the oven is small. A couple of my goals for Australia revolve around an oven, so this might make things interesting! All in all he really is enjoying it there! 10% of me wants to be there with him exploring and figuring out our new community, the other 90% is perfectly happy to be right here in North Dakota!
Yesterday the girls had the chance to play with a 6 month old baby. She made my girlies look so big! I think I need another small one around :) *wink wink!

It was a beautiful day so we spent some time playing with moon sand outside! Moon sand is WAY TOO messy to play inside!!
Destiny rode her bike! She fell two times, but was a champ!
Addi decided to wear a hat this morning. She's so darn cute!
Destiny figured since Addi had one on she needed a hat too!

Not too much going on is FOOTBALL day so the day revolves around the tv in this house.
Here's the Aussie word of the day: "Nut out" - hammer out or work out
I have somethings to nut out before I move Down Under!
Enjoy today!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Keepin' Busy


I wish I could start this blog by saying, "Matt has arrived in Australia", but instead I get to say, "I have no idea where Matt currently is!" haha! Today, my goal is to just keep busy so I worry less about my husband's where abouts. So, I am making yummy sweet potato black bean chili in the crock and baked some banana nut oat bran muffins this morning. Good food for the worried heart!

I can't wait to dive into the chili!
Already dove into the muffins!

Last night, my sister came over to open a wedding gift that they received. The girls LOVED playing in the box. They played in it last night and this morning. They call it a "bubble bath" which I think is genius because there is a whole bunch of bubble wrap in the box!
The weather here is beautiful, Bekki and I met at the park with the girlies! They have been asking to go to the park all week. When it came time to come home, they didn't want to leave.
Addi determined to climb.
The game of the day was building sand "towers"...messy, but fun!
Addi swinging all by herself!
We had a blast at the park. Now it's nap time and I'm hoping to head to the gym!
Another fun Aussie slang : Kangaroos loose in the top paddock = intellectually inadequate
He's got kangaroos loose in the top paddock! I hope to use that one some day! It's way better than "he's a few cards short of a full deck". Now add an Aussie accent on there and it will be even better!
I'll keep you all posted on when Matt arrives in Australia!
Enjoy today!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Where in the World is Matt Sanchez?

Hey Hey!!

When I was a youngun I loved playing an old-school computer game called "Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?" I'm sure many of you have heard of or played the game. Today Matt is on wild run to Australia. He will hit all corners of the world (or so it seems). Between the next two days (three if you are on Australian time) Matt will travel from Suquamish to SeaTac airport to Denver, Los Angeles, Sydney, and finally Canberra, Australia. He's a busy boy today! I can't believe he will be at our new house in less than 24 hours! wow! I can't wait to hear what he thinks of it. I sure hope he leaves the decorating up to me :)
Today, Matt will see a lot of the picture above.
I found a couple comics that made me chuckle!

Matt really wanted me to express our thanks on the blog. First off, thanks to every one who has had and has continued to pray for our Dusty dog as she flew over that giant ocean the other day. Also, thanks for the thoughts and prayers as Matt has prepared to leave. A BIG thanks to Nick and Lili for letting our whole family stay at your house a while back and for hosting Matt in his last few days in the states. Last but not least, a BIG thanks to Mike and Jean for letting Matt use your vehicle, while you road your motorcycle in the rain :( We could not have done this without every one's support. We feel fortunate and blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.
Yesterday I took a yoga class for the first time. I have done yoga at home for 6 months now, but had never attended a class. I couldn't help being overwhelmed in class with everything that is going on in my life. My life tends to be super busy and when I took the time (away from the house and kids) to just relax and concentrate on important things in my life I found that I became very emotional. It was a good time for me to debrief and learn more about myself.
Much of my yoga concentration was on my pooch! As you all know, Dusty arrived in Sydney, AUS a few days ago. According to her vet she is doing very well and adjusting to her new environment. Unfortunately in the states one of the vets working on Dusty performed the wrong test on her. Therefore, Dusty will have to stay in quarantine a couple of weeks longer and we will have to pay for another test to be done. The poor girl has really gone through a lot. I'm sure she feels your prayers and thoughts about her!
Now that fall has arrived, I decided to bring back some structure to our lives. With the move it has been difficult to have the structure we once had in our household. Destiny and I LOVE routine (I'm sure Addi does too). Yesterday, we started working in a workbook and doing some fun projects and Destiny was ready and excited to do it again today! I love watching her learn. I guess that's just the teacher in me! In the above picture she is playing with peanut butter play dough, per her request!
Yesterday, I was a little under the weather so we had a movie day (and by that I mean we watched 1 movie). Destiny thought this apparel was appropriate for a good movie! haha!
This morning we worked on some puzzles. She loves making up stories with her puzzle pieces!
We also had a nice visit with Great Auntie Mona! Destiny was digging in the oreo cookie jar that plays music! She thinks it is so cool. She continued to do 3 or 4 more puzzles at Mona's today too!
Addi had her first oreo cookie today and LOVED it!
Addi brought a book up to Mona and said "book" so they read a little bit.
We have had a great and busy day! I hope tomorrow brings a blog about Matt's arrival in Canberra! woo-hoo! This is really happening! It seems so crazy!
I have a fun Aussie slang word : Gobsmacked = surprised, astounded
Sometimes I feel a bit gobsmacked in this whole moving process!
Enjoy today!