Monday, October 31, 2011


Hello Friends!!

Happy Halloween!

Since we are in Australia, we celebrated the holiday yesterday (really we celebrated through out the weekend!) We kicked off the Halloween festivities with a trunk-or-treat with our play group friends!

Destiny dressed up as Dora and Addi dressed up as her side-kick boots the monkey!

Dora with her stars and backpack!

Boots with the map!

Our trunk = "Dora's House"!

The champion trunk "dinosaurs"!

Other festive trunks!

Bobbing for apples and a bean bag toss.

The swan wanted to join in the fun (he forgot his costume!)It rained in the morning, then cleared out for the par-tay and then rained right at the end! I would say that was pretty perfect!

The whole gang!

Another spooky trunk :)

Destiny bobbing for apples

Our swan friend again. We had a blast at the trunk-or-treat party and hope to do it again next year!

Here's a little sneak peek at the girls costumes for the Embassy Halloween party. More pictures to come tomorrow!

Destiny the Tiger/Jaguar

Addi as Minnie Mouse

The girls, ready to go to the Embassy!

Happy Halloween! :)

Enjoy today!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sydney with the Sister

Hey Friends! Long time no see! Matt arrived home safely and we have hit the ground running ever since! Here are some pictures from a while back. Our trip to Sydney with my sister, Bekki!

Bekki by the BIG RAM in Goulburn Australia :) Look out the car window and see the Ram's behind :)

Matt enjoying his kabob roll that made him sick for 3 days straight! ha!

Bekki and her coffee at Paddy's Market, a market in Chinatown in Sydney.

Walking to see the view near our hotel.

Destiny and Matt enjoying the view.

Our view of Sydney. We stayed at Watson's bay, just a short ferry ride to Sydney!

Matt and Miss Addi.

Our hotel

Another shot of our hotel

The great thing about the hotel is the play ground next door with this cool contraption there :)


the boats.

Watson's Bay was the perfect place to stay. We enjoyed our accommodation, the food, and of course, the company!!

Enjoy today!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

September showers bring October flowers

Good morning, friends! Happy Spring from Oz...actually it's nearly Summer! hooray!

While my sister was visiting we were able to attend an event that I had been looking forward to since before I moved here. Floriade! Floriade is a big spring flower festival that includes tons of flowers, vendors, concerts, entertainment, gnome painting, food and so much more. It takes place right on Lake Burley Griffin. It is truly beautiful!

*my new favorite flowers!*

Paint your own gnome contest!

We loved the flowers, but we sure picked a bad day to go. Weekend, school holiday. ugh! It was crowded and finally it started raining so we peaced out of there and headed to the car...and fought traffic to get out!

Worth it? Sure. Next year, I think we'll go on a week day and pack a picnic lunch!

What are we up to today, you ask? Matt is headed home! hooray!

The girls and I are off to take our first swimming lesson (I swim with Addi!)

Enjoy today!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Eating or Shopping? How about both?

Hey Friends! Happy Monday over here in Oz! Here's a picture of a cutie to start your week off right: Destiny wearing Matt's military cover.

As the Title of this blog says, "Eating or shopping? How about both?"...When my sister was here for her visit, we did a whole lot of eating and shopping...even eating while we were shopping or was it shopping while we were eating?!? The above picture is one of those times. A quick stop off for some yummy gelato at Canberra Centre.

We also did some learning and fun activities while she was here. We took a trip over to Questacon, the science center! Here Addi is playing in the construction area. She loves her hard hat :)

She also loves "driving" the cars and filling them up with petrol.

Then, it was on to more eating: our chocolate tasting platter shared between us all! It's so yummy! The front middle thing (that looks like hair) is chocolate fairy floss...for the Americans reading this: chocolate cotton candy!

Auntie Bekki and Destiny as we ate and shopped again. This time around it was macadamia nut slice and a cuppa while we shopped at DFO, an outlet mall here!

Another day, another restaurant! This time around it was Turkish food. Yum! Sweet potato Falafel. oooooh sooooo goooood!

The girls at a shopping center "riding" the car with Bananas in Pajamas! (If they were here, they would both scream "my favorite!"...they love the little 5 minute Bananas in Pajamas show on tv here.

Now it's time for some cupcakes in Gold Creek! Yum-O!

Addi likes the frosting :)
{She takes after her MOM!}

Here is my beautiful garden that my sister helped me plant. Matt helped put the stakes in. Thanks guys for your help! Just the other day, I was babysitting a little boy and he told me that he like how my tomatoes were. He liked the wire around them! :)

Right after planting was finished, we were blessed with a bit of rain and a full double rainbow! Fantastic! I'll take that as a sign!

Once again, we find ourselves eating! Max Brenner! Yummy!

Chocolate covered strawberries for the little cuties!

As you can see, there are many fine places to shop and eat in Canberra! Please do come for a visit and I'll take you shopping and eating! ha! My sister and I had a blast while she was here and we really enjoyed our special meals out and finds at the shopping centers!

I hope this blog finds you enjoying some yummy food of your own (treat yourself to something delish today!)

Enjoy today!