Tuesday, April 30, 2013

 Hey Friends!  Want to hear one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time?  Addi came up to me the other day and said, "Mommy!  Guess what!  I cut my hair and it didn't hurt!"  She took the scissors to her hair, but it turns out she's a pretty good hair stylist so no big deal.  However, she now knows that it wasn't the best idea!  haha!
 Here's my Olli, getting so big!  He crawls like a big boy now (he used to crawl commando style, on his belly!)  Poor little guy has some sort of infection though.  He has had a high temp for a few days and the doctors are running tests to see what is causing the temps.  Hopefully we'll know later today.
 A few weeks ago, they turned down the lights and turned up the music at Destiny's school for the end of Term Disco!  They were celebrating the school's 5th birthday.  Crazy to think that Destiny goes to a school that is younger than her!
 Destiny got decked out in her party gear!
 Addi was ready to party too!
 Destiny had such a blast with her friends!
Olli loved playing with a balloon during the dance!
Oliver is on the mend but still needs many cuddles from mommy so I'm off to do just that! 
Enjoy today!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Race Day

Hey Friends!  How's your day going?  Today I have some fun photos of Destiny's cross country day at school. 
All the kiddies came outside to participate in a 1 kilometer run.  That's Destiny's teacher all dressed in red.
Destiny was bursting with excitement and at one moment she told me, "Mommy, I really wish I could win!"
All the kids were so cute and it was fun to see so many parents involved with the race.
Time to go and stretch before racing.
Ready, Steady, GOOOO!
The finish line!
Destiny right after she finished the race.  She did amazing!  She crossed the finish line within the first 25% of kiddies in Kindergarten and she ran it ALL by herself.  (some of the other mommies had to run with their kids) She was so proud of herself and you can really see it in her smile!

Today is a dreary rainy day here.  Little Olli has a fever so please say a little prayer for him.  We will make the best of today no matter what!

Enjoy today!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

On the Tree Tops

Hey Friends!  One thing we really wanted to see on our Great Ocean Road Adventure was Koalas in their natural habitat.  He got kind of discouraged when we didn't see any and headed off the beaten path.  Matt pulled the car over and sure enough...one look up and there was a koala eating some lunch in a tree!

She was quite active for day time.  I have only seen them active at night time and even then they were quite sleepy.

It was so fun to sit back and watch the koala do her thing!

After a crazy drive on a windy road, We found the Tree Top Adventure park and got there just in time for the last admission of the day!
We wanted to walk amongst the tree tops!
We didn't realize how much walking we would be doing! 
Up we went!
We climbed these metal bridges to get to the top!
It's not for the faint of heart because you can see straight down to the ground.

We even climbed to the top of that tower you can see in the background!  The tower swayed back and forth as we hung on for dear life! (or so it seemed!)
Here's the view from the top!
Destiny was NOT impressed.
It really was quite the adventure....especially for some one who is a tad afraid of heights.
The girls were happy to be done with the walking.

Daddy with babe.
This picture embodies the whole "theme" of our vacation. The girls would say they were TOO TIRED to walk places, but when asked what they wanted to do?!?!?  They would answer...RUN and PLAY!  I guess it truly is different traveling with children and we can't wait for a little vacation for just me and Matt. :) 

Around home, we are back to our regular routine.  Destiny's school holidays are over and we are busy, busy.  Oliver is working on getting 2 more teeth and Addi is enjoying one of the last warm days before it turns really cold.

Enjoy today! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac Day

 Hello Friends!  Yesterday was a special day here in Australia and in New Zealand too!  It's a day that is a bit like Veteran's Day in America.  Many Australians have the day off to reflect upon and show respect for their Defense Forces.  Matt was honored to march in their annual parade.  This is his second time marching.
 He even posed for a quick picture with Olli before he left.
 This is a Naval Monument located on Anzac Parade, a street leading up to the War Memorial Museum.
The girls were so excited to see the troops march in.

 Near the end of the parade, Matt marched with other Americans.

 There he is on the left of the photo.
 The tanks were an impressive end to the parade.
 Addi enjoying an Anzac biscuit.  These are biscuits that were made to send to men involved in wars in distant places.  They liked to send these particular biscuits because they keep very well.  I enjoy making them and sharing them on this special day with my family.
What a lovely Autumn day to celebrate and reflect.

Enjoy today!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Great Ocean Road

Hey Friends!  On Easter this year we set out on an adventure down the Great Ocean Road (or the Great Ocean Parking Lot as I like to refer to it).  Traffic was slow moving, but there was some really beautiful views!  The girls enjoyed a stop at the park!
Fun on the big swing for them.
I enjoyed a ride on the flying fox!
Just a few names of the cities/beaches that we passed on the Great Ocean Road!
One of our fave things to do is take a pic of our GPS when we are in cool places like the curviest road in San Fransisco and now the Great Ocean Road!
The views were outstanding!

The girls just couldn't stand to sit in the car while we were this close to the beach so off we went on an adventure!
The girls just love the beach!

 This is a sand sculpture I foudn of a momma and baby.  I thought it was beautiful!
 Olli had his first mouthful of sand ;)  and he loved it!

 I took this photo because these people are in their winter gear and behind them you on the far left you can see a nearly naked man who had been swimming in only his swimsuit.
 Sandy beaches = messy hands!
 On our drive, we started the process of hatching some special Easter eggs that we given to the girls by our dear friend Fran.
What do you think is inside?!?!

Enjoy today!