Thursday, March 21, 2013


 Hey Friends!  Last weekend, Olli and I took a trip to Sydney with a group of ladies and their babies to attend a conference at Hillsong Church.  Olli loved playing on the giant pillows on the lawn.
 Hillsong is a wonderful place.
 Everything about the conference is beautiful.  We are greeted with "Good Morning Sunshine" on the screens.
 There was an amazingly choreographed dance using these 5 beds on the stage.
 At lunch break, we all took a photo together.  What a fun groups of sweet ladies!
 Oliver and I
 Next year is going to be a great conference: Beth Moore...Mom, I think we should come back to it :)
 They had a couple of fun photo walls.
 Olli and I stopped for a quick pic at this floral photo wall.
 Flowers were everywhere!
Did I mention that the stage was amazing?!?  Not only that, but they had mum and bub seating that was fantastic!  As soon as Olli would get restless, I would go to the amazing parents rooms where we could listen to the speakers and let the kiddos romp around too.  It was a wonderful time and I am so happy that I went!

It was so funny that Oliver decided to say his first word while we were at the women's conference.  I bet you can guess what it was...


Enjoy today!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

She Wore An Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Stripey Tankini

 Hey Friends!  Destiny had so much fun at Aqua Fun day for school.  She got to ride on a big bus to the swimming pool and had a blasty with her friends. 
 They did swimming and dancing.
 They played in the splash zone.
 Their day ended with an obstacle course.  Destiny really enjoyed her special outing with her class.  Addi, Olli, and I were happy to tag along for a bit!
Olli playing in the diaper box.  This is a remake of a photograph that was taken of me as a baby.  My mom snapped a photo of me in my diaper box as a child.  I have taken a photo like this of each of my kiddies too. 

For now, I am off to tend to two ill girls.  High fevers and missing school = a not very fun day around here! 

Enjoy today!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 Hey friends!  This is Enlighten: beautiful pictures projected onto familiar buildings.  Above is the National Library.
 Questacon, the science center that I take the girls to.
 Old Parliament House.
 The Portrait Gallery.
 Addi really loved the fish on wheels that were all lit up.
 She even wanted a photo by one.
 This is the National Gallery.
 Another view of the Gallery.  It was very fun to walk around and see some of our favorite building in Canberra lit up in many colors.  What a great event!
At school, Destiny made glasses that were in the shape of 100.  You can tell that she was VERY enthused to put them on for a quick photo. ha!  We were happy to be a part of Canberra's 100th birthday!

Enjoy today!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy 100th!

Hey Friends!  The city of Canberra celebrated it's 100th birthday last week!  There were so many fun events to attend and we had a blast at Enlighten and Balloon Spectacular.
A hot air balloon basket.
Matt brought us burgers for a picnic!  Yum!
Burgers and fries!
We sat out on the lawn in front of Old Parliament and enjoyed acts on a stage in front of us and the balloons going up behind us.  We had a perfect spot!
Just as the sun set, the fun began.
Matt and the kids. 
Me and my hubs (celebrating 8 years of marriage today!)
Me and Addi
We had fun taking pictures with each other.
Oliver winking! :)
There were beautiful acts on the stage in front of us.  We really enjoyed watching.
The girls loved looking as the balloons rose to the sky!

A little blurry, but I LOVED that Destiny decided she wanted to tuck in her shirt to...get this..."Look like a man."  ha!

I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures of Enlighten!

Enjoy today!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Destiny's Tea Party

 Once upon a time, there was a sweet curly-haired girl who dreamed of having a tea party.  She dreamed of fancy hats and dresses.  She dreamed of friends gathered around beautiful table settings eating the most delicious cakes and cookies. 
 On one fine day, her dream came true.  Three was food that was nearly too beautiful to eat.

 There were hats made by the finest hat makers around.
 There was a gorgeous table that looked like it was set for the queen herself!

 There was a little sister to join in the fun!
 This was...Destiny's Tea Party!
 Many of her friends joined us for a cuppa tea.  They all took a turn at making their very own hat to wear at the party.
 They gathered around for a quick photo before the food was served.
 They nibbled and sipped.
 They all had a lovely time.

 At the end of the party, they played "pin the kiss on the frog".
What a fun and magical day for such a sweet girl!

Enjoy today!