Monday, July 8, 2013

Catching up on memories

 Memory Number 14: Our 3 trips to the Royal Canberra Show.  The show is kind of like a county fair with food, rides, animals, shows, show bags, etc.  We have enjoyed each year.  We especially loved the first year when they had a VERY large Ferris wheel and we could see the entire city of Canberra from WAY up high!
 Memory Number 15: Fun outings with the Military Spouses.  Within the first year of living here we had a military spouse event every other month.  I really enjoyed our trip to the Vineyard and Winery.  I also loved the time we did a Murder Mystery Dinner.  During my pregnancy and after having Oliver I wasn't able to join in on most of the activities, but for my first year of living here I really enjoyed my time spent with the military spouses.
 Memory Number 16: I had the wonderful opportunity to join a group of ladies from my church at Hillsong Church in Sydney for a HUGE women's conference called Colour Conference.  I loved the amazing lessons I learned and especially loved the humanitarian portion of each conference.  I got to see one of my favourite bible study leaders, Beth Moore!  Each year, I was blessed by this conference!
 Memory Number 17: One of my all time fave places to go in Canberra is Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.  I love it!  I have so many memories from this place. I have experienced fabulous dates with Matt there, kiddie dates with the girlies, Mom's Night Out chit chat time, and I especially love that each time I go there I run into some one I know!  It has been a great place to connect with friends!
 Memory Number 18: Getting up close and personal with the giraffes at Toronga Zoo in Sydney.  That is the closest I have ever been to a giraffe.  It was amazing and the view of Sydney harbour from the zoo is absolutely stunning.  We had a lovely visit to the zoo as a family! 
 Memory Number 19: Each year there is a balloon festival in Canberra called Balloon Spectacular.  We have participated in different ways each year we have lived here.  The first year we attended take off at 6 AM.  It was a beautiful sight!  The next year, we saw the balloons rising as we were taking off on an airplane to Cairns.  This last year, we saw a trapeze act performed hanging from two balloons as a part of the Enlighten Festival here in Canberra.  It was really neat and we have loved seeing the balloons.  Unfortunately we have not gone up in a balloon, but one day I will!
Last memory for today, Memory Number 20:  I have loved getting to know the Aboriginal culture here in Oz.  I love hearing the didgeridoo and seeing dot paintings.  I love watching the people perform dances, eat the native food, and so many other activities.  It's a neat way to experience the people of the land. 

For now, enjoy today!

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