Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Final Memories of Oz

 Hey Friends!  Did you ever think this time would come?  It's time for this boomerang to head back to where it came from (regarding the name of the blog).  What an amazing blessing to be here in Australia for 3 years.  There are so many memories that I hold so dear to me.  I am blessed with so many friends that have become my family away from home.  The above picture is of the group of ladies who attended my goodbye party.  I am truly blessed to know each one of you. xoxo!
 I dug up some more photos of fun memories in Oz.  Here's memory 21 and possibly my favourite memory.  In moving here, I found it hard to find a group of moms to hang out with.  Our neighbourhood playgroup was closed to new members, and I didn't connect with anyone at the playgroup at the park.  I decided to put an add in the Embassy newsletter about getting together with other moms.  I was shocked at the response and had every one over for a play date at my house.  The 5 ladies who attended the first playgroup have become such wonderful friends of mine and through these last 2.5 years, the group has grown so much.  I was so happy to have other moms to look to for advice and to understand me just as I am: A mom.  Thanks, playgroup mommas!  I'm so lucky have known all of you!
 Memory number 22: I love all the indoor play areas here in Canberra.  We have such fun memories of birthday parties and play group meet ups at the play centres.  I will really miss Kid City in particular! 
 Memory number 23: I LOVE that Destiny got to attend a few discos while going to school at Harrison School.  She had so much fun bebopping around on the dance floor with her classmates.  What a fun school activity!
 Memory number 24: Floriade!  The Spring flower festival that really brightens up the whole city of Canberra.  Whether it's just for a walk through the flowers or a picnic with friends, we have enjoyed Floriade each year we have attended.
 Memory number 25: Dusty's best buddy Boomer!  We loved watching Boomer and meeting up with Matt's boss and his wife for doggy walks!  Matt's boss, John and his wife Fran will always be like family to us.  What an amazing blessing to be posted at the same location as them for the last 3 years. 
 Memory number 26: A special camping trip to the beach.  We enjoyed the sun and the sand and all the fun that camping brings! 
 Memory number 27: Thanks to the lovely Burke family, we had a fabulous day at the circus!  The girls enjoyed every second of it!  We also enjoyed a circus when my mom was visiting. 
 Memory number 28: We had a fun-filled family day at our house having 6 families over for a craw fish boil!  We have been so lucky to have amazing friends and co-workers that there is never a dull moment or boring weekend around here.  This was a particularly fun event that we hosted at our hosue.
 Memory Number 29: I know I have mentioned some fun activities for school, but I think an amazing memory for me is just the fact that Destiny went to school here and that she learned some amazing things while in school here.  She now has her little Aussie accent and says things like zed, texta, rubber, and have a go.  She really is quite clever!
Memory number 30: Another fun memory of our time here has been Matt's time spent marching in the Anzac Day Parade with other Americans.  What an honour to display respect to the Australian Defence by marching along with them in memory of troops who have gone before them. 

There are so many other memories that have been amazing, but there is just not enough time in the world to share every fun experience we have had while living here.

With all of the memories comes many tears as we say good bye to amazing friends!  Thank you, Australia, for being an amazing place to live!  We will hold this time in our lives in our hearts forever.  Our time here has helped us define who we are as a family. 

For now, I'm signing off, but plan to fill you in on our next adventure soon.  Our belongings and our sweet Dusty left for America today and we will follow shortly after! 

Enjoy today!

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