Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Aussie Memory 12 and 13

 G'day mates!  Today I have for you my special memories from Oz 12 and 13.  One of my all time fave places to go right here in Canberra is on the top of Mount Ainslie.  We have hiked up it and hiked down it multiple times.  You can see the amazing lay out of Canberra from the top!  I love that you can see Parliament, Old Parliament, Anzac Parade, and the War Memorial all in one shot!
 This particular pic was taken the very first time we went there.  We drove to the top...hiked down it and then hiked back up!  That was a huge mistake with a 1 and 3 year old :)  The hike down was easy, the hike up...not so much!  Nevertheless it is one of my favourite memories of living here.  Hiking Mount Ainslie really helped me learn the layout of Canberra.
 Speaking of learning about Canberra, that is my next special memory!  There are so many amazing and wonderful things to do and explore in Canberra.  We enjoyed checking out Cockington Green, a village of miniature houses.
 The girls LOVE Questacon, the science centre here.
 We've checked out Parliament on a number of occasions.
 The girls enjoyed dressing up at the Old Parliament Museum.
 A picture with Old Parliament and New Parliament in the back ground.
 We've enjoyed trips to the National Gallery, the Portrait Gallery, National Library, National Museum, Dinosaur Museum, Botanic Gardens, Reptile Centre and Aviary.
Last but not least, we toured the Austrian Institute of Sport. 

Canberra is so full of things to do and see, many of them have free entry too!  We have really enjoyed getting to know this amazing city!  These memories are so dear to our hearts!

Enjoy today!

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