Sunday, June 30, 2013

Aussie Memory Number 10 and 11

 Hey Friends!  I hope you enjoyed the dance video.  Destiny had her dance concert at the Playhouse in Canberra 2 weekends ago!  She was super excited to perform.  One of our greatest memories from Canberra is dance class.  Destiny has had the same teacher since she started as a 3 year old!  Lucky her.  She will truly miss Cassie and Olivia from Play the Dance Agency.  The above pic is of her when she was just starting out at Play!
 Addi had fun dancing too, but suddenly turned a bit shy and might try dance again when we move to Washington.
 Destiny with last year's concert flyer!

 Time to spin!
The final pose!  She did so great and after her concert we enjoyed an amazing dinner at the Pancake Parlour, one of our all time faves in Canberra!
Memory number 11 is swimming!  The girls love swimming.  They love it in our backyard or at the ocean or in a hotel or at their swimming lessons at Aquatots!  They are my little mermaids!
Destiny has been blessed with amazing swim teachers who have taught her so much.  She loves to swim and has learned so many strokes!  I think she's a better swimmer than her mommy :)
Enjoy today!

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